Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 Project Rundown

Okay---here's MY 2008 Project rundown, in no particular order. I had only listed 21 "quilts" on the sidebar in 2008, however not all of them were quilts, so this run down is the majority of my quilts AND projects completed. Note: For those that are in the "older quilter magazines" I will update this information when I come across them again.

Carolina Crossroads: Bonnie Hunter designed mystery--gifted to my mother: Mother's Day 2008
Cathy's Aunt Sukey: Marti Mitchel designed (Quiltmaker Jan/Feb '08)--gifted to Cathy Sutarik: 60th Birthday
Cassie's 30's quilt: blocks inspired by Keepsake Quilting catalog--gifted to Cassie
Around the Raggedy World: Self designed--snuggly at the Farm
Out of this World -- gifted to Andre Todd C'mas 2008
Andrea's Garden: Andrea Miranda (student) designed: hanging in classroom

Christmas Stockings: Self designed -- gifted to Patti Naglosky C'mas 2008
Storm at Sea: design in old magazine -- gifted to Derek Berquist C'mas 2008
Fun with Bricks: Bonnie Hunter designed -- gifted to Jen Keding Thanksgiving 2008
My Blue Heaven: block design found at Quilt Blocks Galore -- gifted to Isaac Todd C'mas 2008
Family Gems: block design in old magazine -- gifted to Jan Todd C'mas 2008
Wonky Nines -- gifted to Masha Todd C'mas 2008

Orange Crush: Bonnie Hunter designed mystery -- self owned! :0)
Old Tobacco Roads: Bonnie Hunter designed mystery -- gifted to Ron Keding C'mas 2008
Baby Boy Rag - Baseball: Self designed -- donated to Zion Lutheran Church, Stratford, Wis
Countryview Camo: Self designed -- gifted to Scot Boutwell C'mas 2008
Spinning Rails: Self designed -- no owner (yet)
Stars-n-Stripes: design found in old magazine -- gifted to Nub (stepdad), Retirement 2008

Zion's Year of the Bible: Blocks made by Zion Lutheran Church congregation; donated to ZLC
Hearts of Kharma: Kit given to me by Kim Waak (coworker); gifted 2x3 to Kim, kept 3x3
Christmas Trees: design found in old magazine -- kept for self
G'ma Vollert's Tablecloth: Stitched by G'ma Vollert, quilting done by me
Lazy Days Tote: Published by gifted to self (sewing bag); gifted another to Angela (Soscrappy) as Give-away gift
Tablerunners: sandwiched by MIL; quilting done by me.


Nancy said...

Oh my!!! You were busy this year. I love the Tote........ is there a pattern for it? Looks big enough to carry my teacher stuff in LOL (How bad is that..... we gauge everything by our teacher stuff :o)

scraphappy said...

Quite a year you've had. Most impressive use of the new sewing machine. I love the little photo montages you made to showcase your work. How many can you finish off next year?

Julie said...

That is quite an impressive list!!

Andee said...

WOW! You have done more before I am out of bed than I might do in the whole day. LOL I am a night owl..hate getting up in the morning and have to force myself to go to bed at night! Awesome looking quilts you have made this year and WOW on your quilting. Pat yourself on the back for trying something new with the pounce and all--that is the hardest part! Now you are an expert at that and have the template for future use! Keep it up!

Cornfield Quilter said...

WOW, I am worn out just reading all you have done! Really, great job and it is fun to see all your great quilts!!!

Cornfield Quilter said...

WOW, I am worn out just reading all you have done! Really, great job and it is fun to see all your great quilts!!!

Anonymous said...

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