Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 A Year of Quilting Review

Cathedral Stars
(Started: October 3, 2008; Completed: January 3, 2009). Donated to Stratford, WI VFW.
Smooth Sailing
(Started: January 16, 2009; Finished: January 18, 2009). Gifted to Cousin's son (would that be my 2nd cousin?).
Paddington's Class Act
(Started: February 1, 2009; Completed: February 9, 2009). Donated to Zion Lutheran Church's Baptismal quilts.
Lake -n- Lodge
(Started: December, 2008; Completed: April 5, 2009). Hanging above our piano.

Class Act Wall-hanging
(February 10, 2009). Created using the "practice" squares from my Beginner's Quilting class.
Class Act
(December 9, 2008; December 14, 2009). Designed for Beginner's Quilting Class.
Oklahoma Backroads
(Started: April 2, 2008; Completed: April 10, 2009). Nothing like taking a full year, huh? Donated to Zion Lutheran Church.
Double Delight
(Started: February 8m 2009; Completed: April 18, 2009). Gifted to Nikki as a graduation gift.

Chloe's Colors
(Started: February 6, 2009; Completed: March 28, 2009). Designed by 8th grade Algebra student, gifted to her at End-of-Year Awards program.
Steppin' Out
(Started: March 21, 2009; Completed: April 20, 2009). Designed for Advanced Beginner's Quilting Class.
Cathedral Window Wall-hanging
(April 26, 2009)
Country Spirit - QOV
(Started: January 18, 2009; Completed: June 27, 2009). Donated to QOV.

DWR-Helbach wall hanging
DWR - wall-hanging
(Started: May 8, 2009; Completed: June 29, 2009). Currently folded and may be used as a present in the future.
Double Wedding Ring - Helbach
(Started: June 8, 2009; Completed: July 16, 2009). Accomplished by teaming up with MIL. Gifted to Adam and Marie Helbach, August 1, 2009.
Grandma & Me
(Started: May 29, 2008; Completed: June 27, 2009). Gifted to parents for spare bed (and memories) :0)

Pinwheels and Prairie Points
(Started: June 29, 2009; Completed: July 1, 2009). Donated to Zion Lutheran Church's Baptismal quilts.
Candace's Stars
(Started: June 17, 2009; Completed: June 29, 2009). Gifted to daughter, Candace.
Barnyards and Prairies
(July 16, 2009). Currently folded in storage awaiting a lucky new baby.
MIL's Flowers quilted
Just a little bit of help for my MIL. She wanted this quilted up for a C'mas gift.

Perkiomen Daydreams
(Started: January 9, 2009; Top completed: November 21, 2009). Holy buckets! What a monster! Carol (Cornfield Quilter) currently has the quilt and is quilting it as her PIF to me. Plans---my first Quilt Show Entry for sure!!!
(Started: November 29, 2009; FInished: December 30, 2009). This may be gifted to a friend; plans are still pending.
Christmas Lights
(Started: June 8, 2009; Completed: December 31, 2009). Designed by Bonnie Hunter. Listed in Quiltmaker magazine as a 3-part mystery. It may find itself on one of the walls in the loft.
Scrappy Irish Chain
(Started: September 21, 2008; Completed: December 31, 2009). Not sure what the plans will be for this quilt yet.

Other odds-n-ends I recall...
- 2 Baptismal Rag quilts
- 3 PIF block wallhangings
- 3 Thread Chatchers
- God's Creatures
- Bag Dispenser

Goals for 2010????
A little bit of the same; donating to Zion Lutheran Church's Baptismal Quilts, donating to QOV, making quilts for friends and family "just because".


Tracy said...

That's quite an impressive lineup!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

What a great year you had with all those quilts! I'm on it for look out! Happy New Year, Amy!

Micki said...

You are very talented indeed! Glad that you stopped by and hope we get to know each other.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Holy Cow!! You got a lot accomplished. And the running - 54 miles is amazing... I think I ran - oh maybe 1/4 of a mile LOL

Calidore said...

I had no idea you have achieved so many quilts this year. I'm so impressed.

Andee said...

Beatiful, loved seeing them again..Double Delight is my favorite because I know how much went into that one and I did it too! You inspire me to type up some goals too and then donate more quilts!