Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quilt-along: Raven Stars - Step 3: HST's

From step #1, take the 168 Purple and White HST cuts, and piece them into 168 Purple/White HST's.

Now, that's not really enough for a complete step, so...

Once the HSTs are pieced, separate them into two groups of 84. Attach a 2.5" white square to each HST as pictured; you'll be making 84 attached to the right side and 84 attached to the left side, making mirror-images of each other. You will be using 168 white squares which will leave 168 squares left yet for the next step.

This is what NOT TO DO. I thought I double-checked the proper placement, and for whatever reason, half-way through my one stack, I stopped to check the placement. **hitting forehead** HOW many years have I been quilting??? Tscha...mistakes happen; don't sweat it! Sadly, I needed to unsew a buku amount of mistakenly sewn units.

Okay, now THAT is enough for a step :0)

Next scheduled posting: 3/2/11 Step 4: Star points.

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Candace said...

They may have needed some correcting, but they sure are pretty.