Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quilt-along: Raven Stars - Step 4: Star Points

Today, we piece the 168 star points! Refer back to Step 1: Cutting directions if you haven't already cut the pieces for this step.

Layout the units so you are certain how the white pieces match up.

Now that little notch that we so pain-stakingly trimmed off will have a purpose! I started with the right white REC. Notice that the white will not match black corner-to-corner. Instead, you will be fitting the white REC to match up with the EDGES of the black TRI, not merely with the corner.

Piece and press. This is a unit that doesn't follow the "press-to-the-darker-fabric" rule. I pressed towards the white.

Now repeat with the left REC piece. Again, you will be using that notch to line up along the edge of the black TRI unit.

Piece and press (towards the white again).

Do not panic that those little black corners are showing! Truly! Once pieced into the final block, they will result in PERFECT corners!! :0) You shouldn't need to trim up anything; just cut off the little dog-ears that were created from pressing. 2.5" (almost) on the spot!

And to finish up this step, using HALF of the star points (84) and all of the remaining 2.5" white squares (168), attach a white square to either side of 84 star point units. Press towards 2.5" white square.

Yeah----next week: Step 5: Putting blocks together!!! :0)

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Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I need to have a Raven Stars marathon, because I am getting behind. But with Mardi Gras in town for 3 weekends in a row ( I help a friend run her tent) It is putting me waaaay behind on sewing.