Monday, August 18, 2014

Hawaii Sunset top done; new project (really?!?!!?)

Hawaii Sunset (c. 1845).  90" x 90"
Almost 2 years from the day I began the Hawaii Sunset (1845) adventure, the top is finished.
This started as a twisting of the arm idea between a couple of online quilting friends:  Andee and Andra.  I budged my big ol' butt into inviting myself to join them, and we worked out the math with all the units needed and turned it into a small block-unit swap between the three of us.
Andra has long finished her version;  Andee is still plugging along with hers.  In fact, part of Andee's Around the World blog hop post today talks about her progress in Hawaii Sunset.  She's nominated me to participate in next Monday's postings, so watch for that.  

In fact, it's Andee's nomination that kick-started my quilting progress again.  THANKS ANDEE!

Another neat fact...
The Sundae Quilter (Nancy) and I quilt-skyped for the very first time back on the day I began working on Hawaii Sunset.  In a crazy twist of fate, she and I skyped yet again yesterday as I was working on the final seams.  Kinda cool.
Nancy and I have both shared conversations about aspects of blogging.  I truly can't believe I only posted THREE TIMES in July this year!  Wha???  But, I just didn't feel like it.  Taking pictures, editing pictures, writing posts.... it all takes time.  I had/have been posting loads to my FaceBook account.  Finding time to duplicate it all to the blog just didn't interest me.  But... I think I'll be back.  

One PRO about keeping the blog:  It's an EXCELLENT journal!  Truly!  I love being able to trek back into years past just to see the timeline of my quilting projects, the progress of the garden, the changes in the family, etc...

Let's go back to Andee for a moment, shall we?!?!?........

A-hem.... yes.  Our dear Andee simply MUST accept at LEAST 90% of the blame for this.  
A NEW PROJECT?!?!?!  REALLY!?!?!?!?   AS IF I don't have a bazillion-n-a-half other projects/UFOs/WIPs!
However, my plan is to treat this as a Leader-Ender.
The colors definitely have meaning:  being a Wisconsinite, I simply have to make at least ONE Green Bay Packer quilt in my lifetime :)
After a quick google search, I was lead rather quickly to the following blogpost: Shirley Anne's Heart.  The jewel pattern shown on her post is my inspirational picture for this project.  I LOVE jewel patterns!  

Let's wrap up this post with a lovely comment towards two amazing online friends!
Recall one of the few July posts I wrote, where Caitlyn was determined to knit by using sharpened pencils!  The picture was posted to my Facebook page, and two wonderful ladies jumped into action!  I've often read stories about people doing kind acts, but I've never been on the recipient end of such acts.

Judy and Nancy both sent packages of hooks and yarn for Caitlyn to enjoy and start her down a REAL path of knitting...

THANKS ladies!  You are simply amazing!

It TRULY is wonderful what our technological world has allowed to happen!  There are many of you I've come to know over the past 7 years of my online experience, and I enjoy our online friendship just as much (if not more) as some of my face-to-face friendships.

Happy Monday.


JB said...

As one who follows both your blog and Facebook, I am happy to hear that you plan to be back to blogging somewhat regularly. I check your blog each day and am depressed when there is nothing new to read. There are so many times when I'm feeling down or had a bad day and then I read your post...and how the heck can I be down after reading one of your posts. I'm SOOOO glad I read your blog in the privacy of my own home because I'm sure I would get the strangest looks if I read it in public. I remember having tears run down my face as I was reading your "bat" blog. You just can't do justice to that on Facebook! Love you sis!!

Andee said...

So happy you will be blogging more--I am glad I get to see your facebook stuff or I would be worried about ya! I agree it is a great journal and one day your girls and maybe their girls too will love to see what life was like back in the day! :) Hawaii Sunset is so gorgeous...I wish mine were done--really!

Me and My Stitches said...

I love the pic of Caitlyn and her fun mail day! Hope to see what she is working on soon. I love that she was so determined to knit that she used pencils - too cute.

scraphappy said...

I am so glad to hear that you will be doing a little blogging again. Funny, isn't it, how connected you can feel to people you have never met.
Like anything else though, it is easy to get out of the habit.
School must be starting soon, but I am happy you got Hawaii finished up! It is beautiful. Enjoy your sewing and crocheting time before you get pulled away with all the business.