Saturday, November 28, 2020

Two Neat Ripple afghans see a finish

I look forward to Thanksgiving break every year, and especially so this year.  Without a single vacation break since school started, this was a long-in-coming, and much needed break. 

The quilting area remains mostly untouched, but my crochet yarn and hooks remain tucked away in the corner of the living room.  Sorta.  Last weekend, I set out to clean out and organize the small hallway attached to the living room, and then set out determined to finish a couple of projects that have been percolating for YEARS!!!
12 Interlocking ripples saw a quick finish once I started.  After many Hallmark movies, Disney's Togo and the Divergent Series, the final rows were added.  The Neat Ripple pattern is truly my favorite goto pattern for easy, mindless crocheting.

Another project that was started in recent years was created using the Comfy Cotton Blend yarns purchased on a whim a few years back.  I looked back on my FB page to get an idea when these were purchased, but ... nothing was found.  *shrug*

Both afghans are approx. 52" x 68" -- perfect for a throw size for a couch, recliner or glider rocker.


Panto Pam said...

Glad to see your blog post! Finishes feel great, don't they? :)

Andee Neff said...

Good to see you blogging again. You going to do the new mystery?

scraphappy said...

So glad that you made it to Thanksgiving. Not long till winter break now! Congratulations on finishing TWO projects. said...

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