Saturday, June 29, 2013

A tomato-rescuer addict!

It's almost 5:00, and I STILL haven't made it down to the sewing room!!!!  LOL
I certainly hope to tonight, though.

Instead, I spent the afternoon helping Paul put up a fence for our tomato section and strawberries.  The chickens enjoy scraping through the grass mulch I use on the tomatoes and strawberries;  it was time to put that to an end.  

Also, although we usually never have had much deer trouble in the past, they have found my strawberry patch and ate off the tops of a couple of my plants :( :( :(  Ooooooh, those mean deeries!

And rather than put up fencing around the strawberries, Paul thought we'd give this method a try to see if it'll deter the chickens.  It'll definitely keep the deer from eating the plants.

Then, while Paul cleaned out his truck, I fired up the tiller to do some cultivating around the berry bushes and the rescued tomatoes in the upper garden.

I couldn't resist!!!!!  After tilling around the plants, I dug up a few more rogue Roma tomato plants to rescue!!!!
And looooooked at all the rogue tomatoes that are still readily available in case I feel I want to rescue a couple more!!! LOL.  So now..... we have 14 Roma tomato plants "rescued" in the upper garden.  Together with the 18 plants in the main garden, we should happily have a nice harvest come September.

Starz and Tristen (goats) were keeping up conversations with me as I was digging up the tomatoes.
Naturally, they baa and baa and baa until they get some attention --- in the form of weedy greens, of course.

I think Tristen is purposefully sticking out her tongue at me!!!

Cassie was finished picking strawberries at 1:30 and was pretty happy coming home with her first day's pay already.  So, 75% of it was put away in an envelope for her Savings acct, and the rest in her wallet.   She's spending some time holding the ducks...

...trying to get all of them a bit more accustomed to us.  The Mallards' feathers are starting to show nicely;  we're hoping the one (she's holding) is a male -- there is a bit of blue-green on the head and tail area -- keeping fingers crossed.   As for the Peking ---- ?????  I have no idea how to tell male from female.  And notice the one is kind of a tan color?  We're wondering if maybe we got a "mutt";  it has a purplish beak as well.  **shrug** 


scraphappy said...

Looking good so far. You definitely need to spend more time on that garden and not worry about finishing a bunch more quilts this month -- definitely.

Amanda said...

you've certainly got enough work to keep you going with your fruit and vegetables, but it sounds as if you also have some tools and materials to make it more efficient.