Thursday, June 20, 2013

Time is precious!

Yup;  Wednesday zoomed by too!  But everything on the list was accomplished!  AND I even fit in a two-hour visit to the Beach!
Friend of Candace, Candace and Caitlyn

It was another late night of ball;  arriving home around 9:30;  ate a late LATE dinner and shooshed everyone to bed by 10:30.  The girls are starting to run on empty, that's for sure.

Sunday will finally FINALLY be a day of sleeping in;  until then Friday = Summer school;  Saturday = EARLY softball tournament game.

And this morning already, in order of events.....

* 5:30 AM - drove Paul to work
* made banana bread (YUMMMMM! My hat off to the brilliant person who came up with this delicious way to use up old icky bananas!)
* emptied/loaded/started-up the dishwasher
* washed up all other dishes
* washed a load of laundry
* took garbage out for Garbage Day
* woke up girls and drove to summer school (THEY WERE TIRRRRRRRED!!!!!!!!)
* hung load of laundry; started another
* fed/watered all animals (pigs, ducks, chickens)
* unexpectedly hoed the 70 hills of potatoes (BEAUTIFUL overcast 70 degree morning! Couldn't pass it up!)
* wrote and mailed application letter

And now;  it's 9:00!  TIME for some relaxation with quilting.


Andra Gayle said...

I need some of whatever it is you have. I think you must be robotic!

soscrappy said...

No wonder they are tired! Glad you had a productive morning. Hopefully down time will come soon.

Patchwork Penguin said...

application letter????