Friday, June 14, 2013

Forever completed; Seven shirts progress

The finishing touches have been completed on Forever for my parent's neighbors who are planning to share nuptials at the end of the month.  I cut and pressed the binding while my embroidery machine was stitching up the label.
My embroidery machine hasn't seen much activity lately so it was nice to have a little project to do on it again.
So, FINALLLLLLY, another finish can be listed for 2013.  It's only my 2nd official of the year.  Good golly.

About yesterday's goal:  I pieced a backing for Seven Shirts and started quilting it.  I put another hour into it this just a bit ago, and I am almost finished with it, but I hit a wall.  Tired.  So, time to shut everything down and relax a bit before softball again tonight, and ALL DAY tomorrow.  

The 7/8 tournament gets underway tonight;  Cass has been asked to suit for the team since they are low on numbers (she's a 6th grader).  She will see lots of playing time this weekend due to two of the girls needing to be away.  I'm very thankful to hear from the coach that she is coachable and doing well.   Last night, she hit a fly to left field, leading to a double and an RBI.  Her favorite part of playing with the 7/8 team is they are allowed to steal home, which isn't allowed at the 5/6 level of play.


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Excellent quilt!

scraphappy said...

Look at how close to done 7 shirts is! You are on a roll. Have fun at softball though, just so that you can't get too far ahead on quilts finished this month;-)

Kevin the Quilter said...

"Forever" turned out beautiful! And, what a fitting name....I hope it holds true for them! Lovin' the plaid quilt! And, GOOOOOOO Cass!