Sunday, June 9, 2013

RWB scraps -- another Pineapple Blossom?

Nancy and I have exchanged a couple of emails with Pineapple Blossom as the topic.  It is SUCH an amazing pattern;  I think it's one of Bonnie's BEST scrappy designs!

Nancy has 1.5 days of school left----sooooo close!  I know that feeling all too well :)

I suggested that we tackle a Pineapple Blossom quilt for the month of June... I THINK she's game :)
What about any of you?  Want to try out this pattern (or make another one?) and join in the fun???

I've made THREE versions of this pattern already...
Scrappy (just completed the top last week)

Knowing I had a box of RWB scraps from my 2010 BOM, I thought I'd take a peek this morning to see if anything would work, and let me tell you!  I think it was meant to be!

MOST of the scraps were already 2" strips, so I started to slowly press and trim and begin the first stages of organization.  BUT, I didn't want to get TOOOOO far;  I want to spend some time FB-skyping with Nancy when working on this baby :)  My plan:  similar to my Red/Black/White version, only it'll be Red/Blue/White :)

It's another gloomy, rainy day outside today.  Therefore, we're all trying to keep ourselves occupied with inside tasks.  Yesterday, I caught Candace working on her KnittingKnobby for a bit...
LOL!  Got'cha :)  I'm sure she'll pull it out again later.

She also spent some time working with Dad on the duck house...

Both Paul and I are SO thankful for the help that the girls give us around the house;  MOST of the time, they don't mind, either.  The duck house is finished and in its temporary location for now.  However, pics will have to come later;  I didn't take any last night, and am CERTAINLY not interested in heading out in the rain right now.

With a change in plans, I have the whole day to spend in my quilting room now.  We were supposed to head up to the farm to till up Father-in-Law's garden plot; he's even further behind that WE are! :(  However, with the weather...Paul called the trip off;  it's too wet.  Besides, I think he just wanted to stick around home and get some things done here.  He's mixed up a batch of donut dough (YUM!!!), and then he wants to head out fishing later.

Therefore, with lunch behind us (beer-cheese soup and sandwiches), I'm off to downstairs.  I think I'll work on Forever's quilting :)

Happy Sunday.


scraphappy said...

Pineapple blossom is a great quilt. I think I've made it at least three times too. What a great pattern. Enjoy your gloomy, rainy day. Quilting sounds like a great way whittle away the day.

Patchwork Penguin said...

Share the energy!!! I have made two... one scrappy and one red and white. The next one is going to be all the penguin fabric I have collected over the years, but will take it slow cutting all the strips, don't want to re-injure the arms.

Hugs girlfriend!

Andee said...

I am in! I think I will make it a red, white and blue QOV...I am due to start another one anyways!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Hmmmmmmmm..........are you trying to get me to start another project???? A red, white, and blue QOV???? Let me know the details!