Monday, June 17, 2013

Little happinesses!

I LOVE my clothesline!  What a great energy saver; yummy 'out-doorsey' smelling clothes;  what's not to like?

{{Well, I suppose I could admit that I don't like having to re-wash some clothes that get some bird-droppings on them due to the few nests we have under the upper deck flooring, but still.....Psht!}}

 A small update on the bat-capades:
Candace put on her big girl panties the other night and grabbed the net to make sure the coast was clear before heading to bed.  LOL.  The reality... after 20 minutes of being upstairs, she came down by me, scared of the bat.  :)  Ah well... Paul wasn't home, so I didn't mind the security company. :)   No sign of it since my episode the other night.  :\

Monday morning zooming by already!  The girls have started summer school;  dropped them off at 8:00 for that.  I've been working non-stop on laundry since;  folding some older baskets that have been wrinkling up for the past few days (**sigh**) and keeping some fresh loads going in the washer and on the line.  So, finally... I'm CAUGHT UP!  

A little motivation was found at NINE O'CLOCK PM last night to clean girls' bedrooms and the loft.  LOL.  Nothing like summer motivation striking that late, huh?  BUT, we made a GREAT dent by 10:00;  all dirty clothes thrown into the hamper;  closets and drawers a little bit organized of what does/doesn't fit (THAT task will be continued today!!!!).  

The house has been tidied up enough to be presentable for my parents who will be rolling in in a couple of hours.  They'll be spending a few days with us to enjoy a couple of summer days with the girls and to watch them play some softball games.  

So now...

... Seven Shirts!  Yup.  I think I want to set that as my "to-finish" goal for today.  A couple more passes with the pantograph and that should do it.  Then, whip up some binding to mark it as a finish.   We'll see....



scraphappy said...

Happy Monday to you! Glad that you scared that bat away, hopefully for good. Love the smell of laundry from the line. Alas, not so good an idea in Florida where we have afternoon thunderstorm season. Enjoy your family time. Hopefully you won't zoom too far ahead of me while am working for the next couple of weeks.

Linda said...

Today has been a perfect summer day..Nothing smells as fresh as line dried clothes...Especially blankets and sheets!!!

Andee said...

Way to hit it hard!

Amanda said...

I so remember that sudden upsurge of energy a few days into the summer holidays, but it never lasted for long. I know what you mean about getting clothes onto the clothes line outside. I feel really 'housewifely' the first few times it happens each year. Sadly, we've been having lots of rain again, so it's all having to dry inside at the moment.