Saturday, June 15, 2013

SB Tournament - Rain Delay

Our weather typically moves NE, and that's exactly what this cell of thunderstorms did this afternoon.  At 3:30, the softball tournament was officially postponed until tomorrow morning; 9:30.
The weather was overcast all day, but truly truly pleasant!  70s and muggy, but OVERCAST.  Had the clouds moved out, it would have been H-O-T!  

Cassie's team unfortunately lost out of the tournament earlier in the day.  However, we decided to hang around to cheer on our other team, who still remains undefeated.  When the call was made for postponement, I read the stress and anxiety on the face of our concession leader.   This meant lots of reshuffling of workers (since tomorrow was never planned) IF she could even get any workers to commit. I jumped to her right away, feeling LOADS of empathy.  Dude....we have NOTHING on our agenda tomorrow, so I offered my services RIGHT away.  Cassie piped up and said she'd jump in to help too.

And THEN, as if that weren't enough of a relief for her...all the Shell Lake parents & fans that were in the area jumped into action, packing up the concession stand;  picking up garbage around the fields and bleachers;  ALL before the big rain really hit.  Lickity-split;  things were gettin' done!

As we were heading to our car, thankfully still only sprinkles falling, a BLINDING bolt of lightening struck SO close by, followed by almost INSTANTANEOUS CAH-RACKING thunder!!!!!   It scared us all;  to the point where lil' Candace terrifyingly cried out screaming and shaking.  HOLY MOLY!  I have NEVER heard such a thunder crack - EVER!

And now, two hours later.....sunny skies.   
Dinner has already been made and eaten, and we are relaxing with The Avengers.  I've never seen the whole movie before, so it's nice to be able to have all the parts and pieces put together.

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Andee said...

Wisconsin folks just rock. Period!