Friday, June 21, 2013

On my Knitting-knobby

I see so many ladies posting projects ... "On my needles."  I don't know the first THING about knitting,  but...
I'm one WICKED knitty-knobbier!  :D  Teehee.
I decided to pull it out of it's storage bag by my chair to check out the progress since I'm home with a patient.

Candace's summer school teacher called me a bit after 10:00 informing me that Candace was complaining of an ear-ache.  I figured even if it was only a minor ache, we've ALL been going-going-going lately.  I picked her up without hesitation with plans to just have her SIT and RELAX, knowing all too well that we have a full night of softball ahead AND a full day tomorrow!.  So, am I a kushy mom???  She's taken a small dose of Jr. Tylenol and we've made it through Megamind already.  She's now moving onto the computer for a little while.

Me?  I'm going to do some more knitting-knobbying.

Happy Friday


scraphappy said...

Happy knitting to you. I am sure you could pick up the other kind with no problem, but yours looks like lots of fun. Hope Candace is on the mend soon.

Andee said...

Not too long ago I learned how to do some knitting on round thingys with knobs...not sure if you have a giant one or if yours is something different but I should finish up the hat that is on mine too! Love the colors in yours!

Alycia said...

Totally kushy mom.... can I come over too???? Rest is good - its fun to hang out with mom!!

Amanda said...

I'm not too sure what you"re talking about, can you show us a picture? I imagine it's like what we call a knitting dolly, presumably because they're often painted to look like dolls.