Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another evening run [Running 2013]

Tonight after Cassie's softball game, I chit-chatted, batted my eye-lashes and sweet-talked our school's physical therapist into taking a look at my knee.  
He's amazing and was openly willing to look at it and advise me; no bribery needed.

The good news after some simple inspection;  I can continue with my running without huge concerns at this time.  He ruled out some tendons that are typical runner injuries, and gave me advice to run the shoulders of the roads more than the hard asphalt, and to also run on the "wrong" side of the road from time to time due to the natural curving tapers that roads have.  Only running on the "proper left side" of roads can increase compensation for one leg over the other.


....tonight, I ran on the gravel shoulder.  It's not my favorite surface, BUT I am definitely open to seeing if the surface reduces the strain on the knee. 

Not even half a mile into the run, I saw a Doe and Baby in the distance.  As I neared, Mamma bolted off, and this lil guy dropped to the road.  I had never seen this type of behavior by a fawn before, and I truly wondered for a moment if he was injured.  

But, I continued on and would only worry if he was still there on the return trip.

No second picture should communicate to y'all that the return trip was uneventful.  No sign of Mamma or Baby, so I have to assume there were reunited.

It was another GLORIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL evening!!!!!!!  The app says 75 degrees; but with the sun at and below the horizon, it did not feel that warm at all.  The nice-n-easy pace also helped to make for an enjoyable run.

Tomorrow, very little is on the "must accomplish" list, so I am hoping for some free-time for some sewing playtime.  The girls are also hoping for some free-time after we've been working them around the yard so much the last couple of days.  Of course, we have softball on the late afternoon/evening schedule, but the day should still allow for some task(s) of choice.


scraphappy said...

Glad you were out for an evening run. Thunderstorms kept me in and I am feeling a bit sad. Nothing more than a morning dog around the block for me to report. Hope the knee advice does the trick.

Andee said...

Glad the little one found mama~!