Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rainy Sunday - double the fun! Two {almost} finishes.

Forever (70" x 80").  
I indeed did some quilting on Forever after dinner, not before calling my mom to get some label information.  I kinda figured I'd push to get this baby done sooner than later :)  Unfortunately, she wasn't home, so I left a message for her to drop me an email with the information needed.

Simple backing; and by mid-afternoon, the quilt was removed from the frame and trimmed up.

My favorite standby edge-to-edge 7" feathers pantograph was used.  

After checking emails (and a quick peek into Facebook), I headed back downstairs.  No email from mom, yet.
So, what's one to do?????

CLEARLY, t'would be to load up another quilt and start quilting away!

Scrappy Pineapple Blossom (72" x 72")
The Chinese Cresents edge-to-edge pantograph was used;  it's a QUICK pantograph, so after a few hours.....BADA-BING!

A simple backing was prepared the other day after finishing the top.  Just like for Angela, backings are my "B" achilles heel!  

Tomorrow, I have an all-day meeting at school and then back-to-back softball games directly following.  Therefore, NO quilting or gardening on the agenda at all.  I'm okay with that, though.  I haven't been away from school a full week yet, but.....**sigh**..... lemme tell ya!  This more relaxed schedule has SO SO been missed!

Happy week to come everyone!


Judy D in WA said...

Look at you go! They both look amazing!

scraphappy said...

Congratulations on a fabulous day! Two for you and my first is still sitting on the frame. Almost glad that you have meetings tomorrow to give me a chance to catch up. Both of your quilts look fabulous as the wait for the very last of the "B"s.

Amanda said...

Wow, you have been busy! Love them both, but especially the pineapple blossom quilt, it looks so fresh and colourful.

Andee said...

They look even better quilted...LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Forever, and Scrappy Pineapple Blossom both turned out BEAUTIFUL! Wow! Are you trying to make use look like under achievers now?????? Talk about Gettin'er done!!!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Great job on the quilting!

Michelle said...

Love the border on your scrappy pineapple blossom!