Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Full Speed Ahead :D Ahhhhh.......

5AM alarm goes off for my husband.  Of COURSE, I was waking up with him on this, my first day of SUMMER VACATION!!!!!
{{Okay, I promise this will be the LAST time I do any 'rubbin' in' of summer vacation!!  I'm just exhausted from the school year, and soooooo ready to start recharging the batteries with this break.}}

Last weekend (?), I started doing some cutting for Bonnie's Quiltmaker Lazy Sunday Mystery - Part 3 once it arrived in the mail.  First thing this morning was to piece together the 24 blocks asked for in this step.
I am actually at a small stand-still right now though until I schedule in some time for a small shopping spree.  I am OUT of usable purples!  I even searched high-n-low in the boxes of scrappy stash from various garage sales and donations;  not a single piece of usable purples!

No worries.  It'll be two more months before the next step hit my mailbox anyway :)

Then I moved on to finish up the borders on my 2010 BOM top that has been taking up my carpeted floor space downstairs for the past month.  It has officially reached flimsy status! (59" x 72").  

The main reason I pushed to finish up the flimsy was because I needed the floor space!
My mother called me yesterday with news that she has been asked to be a witness for a wedding at the end of the month.  In addition to requesting my help with dress shopping, she also put a request out for a wedding gift.  
"So, in your stash of quilts, would you happen to have a quilt that would be fitting for a wedding gift?" 
I'm SURE I did!

After some blog perusing to look at my selection of finished quilts and flimsies, I was actually a bit worried, though!  I wasn't really seeing anything fitting.

And then, for whatever reason, I thought of Forever, which I had forgotten to add to my list of flimsies!  
So?  Mom?  What do you think?  It's 70x80.  Give me a call with your thoughts :)

Although this is the first day of summer vacation for all of us, the weather is NOT cooperating!  We were not able to put in much of our garden this past weekend due to the wet weather;  we are hopelessly behind schedule with our crops up here in northern Wisconsin!  In fact, the news broadcast last night stated that if farmers didn't get their corn crops in by June 9th, they might as well not bother (not sure which organization had made that comment).

However, the cool (non-existent) Spring hasn't delayed the start of summer softball.

The other night, Caitlyn joined in with the wearing of the Blue-n-Gold with her first ever softball game!  She was super excited, despite being almost eaten alive by the mammoth-sized mosquitoes that HAD to have hatched over the past couple of days!  

And on my activity front.... **sigh**....
I've continually pushed ahead with my running despite the lingering annoyance of my left knee.  Today, however, I'm reallllllly starting to accept the inevitable that I may need to schedule an appointment to get it checked out.  I ran 3 miles last night on the treadmill and even iced it afterwards.  This morning, though, it is NOT happy with my "run through the pain" attitude.  
I don't like injuries that hinder any form of activity :(

SO, with poopy weather outside and a knee that is limiting my activity, I guess quilting is a GREAT way to spend this first day of vacation.

Happy Wednesday!


Kevin the Quilter said...

OUCH! Sorry about your knee! That running thing......hmmmmmm.....just sayin'. LOL Forever is beautiful! I think it would make a great wedding gift! Perhaps with my month off, I will actually start the Lazy Sunday mystery?????

scraphappy said...

Quilting sounds like the only good option with a bad knee and uncooperative weather. Loving the look of the Bonnie Hunter mystery though, I might be tempted to put it on my list for an aunt who wants a quilt. Love the colors you are using.

Andee said...

SO sew SO loving your Lazy Sunday bright blocks...I need that push to get moving on my clue three! I had thought I had two to finish and when I went looking I discovered that I had finished it...LOL. Have fun finding the perfect purple! So fun to see your red, white and blue blocks again! Love the other flimsy too..good wedding choice!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Sorry to hear your knee has you down, but at least you have quilting to keep you company while you rest the knee. Loving the Lazy Sunday quilt, I haven't started mine yet, but then again I have only spent maybe 3 days in the past 3 months in my sewing room, You know how that goes.