Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tuesday zoomed!

First off, I finished the quilting of Seven Shirts Monday afternoon.  I even cut binding.  But... that's as far as I got.  So, it will SOON be a finish...


with Paul having the day off yesterday (Tuesday);  his only day off for a stretch of time here;  that meant for a day outside!  His manly skills were needed for jobs I couldn't do, but I needed them done in order to DO the jobs I needed to do.   He fixed the tiller (so I could till);  he fixed the lawn mower (so I could mow); he set posts to stake up the tomatoes (so I could stake them up).  LOL.  

I find myself thinking about the 80s Salt-n-Peppa tune "Whatta Man".  Yessiree!  

Having to pick up girls from summer school at 2:00, and then having to be ready for softball most afternoons by 4:00PM, lasting until 9:00PM, it certainly makes for days of "going-going-going-GONE!"
Cailtyn plays at the 3/4 level and she tried out the catching gear the other night.  This is her first year playing ball;  at this level, they are still learning the game;  forgetting that they can overrun first base, and then making the mistake of overrunning other bases only to be tagged out...  It's a cute level to watch, despite easily being able to "tune-out" due to the lack of action.  I guess I can blame my ADHD.  Easy to lose focus at the slower pace.  LOL.

On the other end of the spectrum;  Cassie's 7/8 game last night was a MARATHON of a softball game!  5/6 and 7/8 levels play 6 innings; however no game is allowed to end in a tie.  Last night, the 7/8 team Cassie plays with was an AWESOME game to spectate! Definitely jam-packed with continuous edge-of-seat action.  HA.  At the end of the 6th, it was tied 6-6.  So, out came the rulebook to know how to proceed.

"The last girl out will start the inning on 2nd base.  The batter directly following her in the lineup will begin batting.  Inning will start with 0 outs."

The reasoning:  the runner at 2nd has a good chance of getting home in order to keep the score moving and hopefully end the game.

WELL!  That certainly happened.... for both teams!
End of 7th inning:  7-7
End of 8th inning:  8-8
End of 9th inning: 9-9
Being the visiting team, the 10th inning lead us to our 10th run.
Sadly, though, the home team had the ideal lineup going into their 10th inning.  Top of the lineup!  First batter started at 2nd;  2nd and 3rd batter walked and singled to load up the bases, and their 'cleanup' 4th batter hit a BEAUTIFUL hit over the head of our left-fielder to bring in all three base runners.  
Game over:  10-13.

BUT.  Hands were shaken.  And congratulations were extended.  In fact, the congratulations even continued at McDonalds when we met up with a few of the players from the opposing team.  It was a LATE (away) game, ending at 9PM!  With summer school schedule in my mind;  McDonalds was simply the most convenient plans for dinner in order for us to get home and in bed at a not-crazy-late time.

Okay, the details got a bit lengthy there;  ah well.

** wake up girls; get them to summer school by 8:00
** run (??) upon dropping girls off at school.  (Maybe?  The terrain is flat near the school.  My knee is still upset with me after my STUPID sprint racing again Candace on Saturday!  We'll see what it can handle)
** finish tilling garden
** rake lawn with yard raker  (Maybe my dad will be interested in doing this??) :D
** mulch tomatoes with raked grass
** few loads of laundry (CONSTANTLY washing softball gear with games everyday!)
** pick up girls by 2:00
** drop off Caitlyn by 4:00 for pictures
** Caitlyn's game at 5:00;  Cassie's at 6:45
** Day over.

Nopers...I don't think I see any quilting fitting in today's schedule.

Happy Wednesday!


Andee said...

I am tired reading about your night and your plans for today! I do remember those RUN RUN RUN nights with the kids, enjoy every minute because they are grown and gone in the blink of an eye! Good luck with the gardening! I am working in a bit and hope I have some energy to work on Bonnie's clue tonight, but if not maybe tomorrow!

Amanda said...

Wow, you don't make life easy for yourself do you!