Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 NYE Mystery

This was the third year for me to participate in an annual NYE mystery quilt.  Clues are typically posted throughout the day, one every hour.  Although it's a day later, I simply was exhausted last night;  fell asleep around 10:00 before having a chance to post... only to be awakened at 12:00 by Candace saying, "Happy New Year, Mom."

The first clue wasn't expected to be posted until 8:00AM for me, which allowed me some time to search out the perfect fabrics.  

The pattern called for about 1 1/2 yards of a "dark."  I crossed my fingers that this XXL shirt would suffice!

MOST clues were cut out and I was ready by 8:00.  From the past, I have come to realize that I want to hold off cutting SOME clues until they are posted;  often they utilize HSTs or QSTs (I can usually tell by that 6 1/4 or 3 3/8).  And I'd simply rather follow the "add 1/2" rule, and use my EZ Angle and Companion Angle rulers :)

Clue #1 -- posted a little early!  I'm ready to go :)

And I SIMPLY had to laugh!!!!!!  Fifteen minutes later, I was done and twiddling my thumbs.  These DEFINITELY aren't like Bonnie's mysteries!!!!!! LOL.

Clue #2 was actually posted around 8:30;  I'm glad I kept peeking in :)  AND, no matter how long you have been quilting, there come times when a forehead slap happens.  Ummmmm..........  ;)

Another quick clue....

Clue #3 start taking a little bit longer.  AND, sure enough!  The cutting directions called for cutting 3 3/8" squares, cut in half diagonally.  BUT... I was right to expect this.  Instead, I cut them at 3" (a weird size for me after all of Bonnie's Scrap User measurements), and then I used my EZ Angle ruler for the wings.

Clue #4...

And clue #5, done.  Clue #6 wasn't expected until 12:00/noon, therefore the timing was perfect for a short lunch break!  Bagel pizzas for me and the girls.

... and there was something about this quilt -- I was loosing interest already :\ 
The pieces were bigger than I'm used to.
I knew the top would be done by the end of the day if I kept plugging away due to the size of the units.
But ... all the fabrics were the same.

I tell ya, Bonnie has truly lead me to a quilter's love of SCRAPS!  My ADHD brain was getting bored....

But Clue #6 was done after lunch... and an unexpected game of SKIP-BO with the girls.

...and clue #7...

added the corner units for Clue #8.
I tried to give my brain something to occupy itself with by playing some Missouri Quilt Co. videos in the background...

... which turned into Jurassic Park by the start and end of clue #9.

Clue #10.  BOTH blocks are now complete.

Clue #10 also shared the layout!  Caitlyn had joined me for the previous couple of clues.  It was COLD downstairs, even WITH my space-heater.  Therefore, Caitlyn gratefully helped place the blocks onto the design wall -- she could warm up for a brief moment by taking the blocks directly from me pressing them.

By 5:30, the layout was on the wall.

BUT, I was done.
And ready to put my feet up with my crochet hook.

A double-border was recommended;  I'll definitely have to work something out with the remaining blue shirt fabric left.  Those center blocks ONLY used one of the long-sleeves!  There should be plenty for a decent border :)


scraphappy said...

I missed you doing this mystery while I was out of town. Wow did that come together in a hurry. Yes it has big pieces, but it is still a nice quilt.

Quilter Kathy said...

Very fun! I like the look of the quilt! I had to laugh when you were missing out on the excitement of intensive sewing steps!

Linda said...

Great looking quilt. You are really getting it done quickly. Stay warm!