Thursday, January 1, 2015

"Always Time" quilt top and Taming of the Scraps

Always Time (79 x 103)
Always Time has come together with some dedicated time over Thanksgiving vacation, a couple of weekends and some time during this Christmas vacation.  The blocks are larger, therefore it has been a decently quick quilt top to piece.

Many of the fabrics are from the "Twilight Frost" line that was discontinued to Connecting Threads a couple of years ago.  The pattern is the Rambling Aunt Sukey design from Marti Mitchell (published in the from Jan/Feb '08 Quiltmaker magazine).  

Like many, many others;  it has been folded and added to my ever-growing--never-shrinking pile of quilt tops ready for quilting.

The 2014 Rainbow Scrap Challenge was wrapped up with a final gray block in order to round out the year with twelve blocks :)    
Naturally, it would be right for me to pass up a year of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, so.... I'm in for 2015 too!  I don't really have a solid plan in mind (yet), despite spending countless hours last night and this morning searching the net for that perfect idea.

Although, this morning, with my new rotary cutter in-hand, I started trimming up numerous bonus-HSTs in blue (January's color), trimming them to 2".

With a few hours of "Avengers" and "Avengers" in the DVD player, (yup...when it ended, I simply pushed 'Play' again),  I added four scrappy star blocks to four block I had pieced last year during Judy's Scrap Challenge for January.  (All pictured lower left).
Yesterday was a day well spent trying to tame all (some?  a few?) of the scraps I had scattered around the sewing room.  All the while, sew-skyping with buddy Nancy.  It was the first day in a LONG time that I felt my quilting mojo had come back.  It truly felt good using up SOME of the scraps, even through, TRULY, barely a dent was made!!!!
The OMIGOSH blocks (upper left) have been an on-n-off Leader-Ender project of mine for the past couple of years.  The scrappy Talkin' Turkey blocks (upper right) are a Bonnie-design, these done in scrappy though :)

Although I'd love to keep my quilting mojo flowing, I don't know if I want to head back downstairs since I've spent the past couple of hours upstairs, cleaning and decluttering the kitchen and laundry/entryway room.

Maybe some more Gibbs (NCIS marathon on USA) and my crochet hook ?? ;)

Happy New Years everyone!


Deb A said...

Glad to see the quilting mojo came back. Enjoy Gibbs and some crochet. I played with some blue scraps today... first time since the 17th of December.... my sewing machine really missed me!

Andra Gayle said...

I love all those blocks! I am a scrap quilt LOVER but not much of a scrappy quilt maker. I tend to go for things that can all be cut out with as few passes of the rotary cutter as possible- lazy I guess. Gonna try to get over that this year! I really want to use up my stash so that I can start on a new one (stash that is).

Kevin the Quilter said...

How much fun! Love seeing all of your scrappy work! Those "Talkin' Turkey" blocks are edible!

scraphappy said...

Welcome back! So happy to see your scrappy post and to know that all is well. Scary story about the dog though. Goodness! It sounds like he will be OK though, something to be thankful for. Really love those scrappy, happy Talking Turkey blocks. Way too much fun!

Quilter Kathy said...

Love your rainbow quilt! Hope you find just the right project for 2015 and hope your mojo stays shining bright!