Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another loose end and a Play-Date

Despite wanting to start something new, and already having cut into some fabrics for a new project, I'm ALSO still motivated to keep plugging away at little loose-ends and UFOs. My Serenity (55"x78") quilt was finished and already recorded for January (it was the NYE mystery), however, it still needed binding.

Another small project checked off to have a complete finish (minus a label). And the weather was BEAUTIFUL yesterday, albeit windy. I'm usually not one to take a "decorative" picture outside, but this quilt sure blends nicely with the Lilac bushes in front of our house.

On another quilty note; Last night, I decided to pin-baste the last of my MIL quilts. I actually thought I was finished, but I found this quilt all folded, waiting patiently, while I was tidying up the other day. Oooops! I'll be quilting this lil' thing on the Bernina; it's too small for me to putz with loading it on the quilting frame. This way, I can use my BSR again; it's been TOOOO long since I've used a regulator.

Did you know: Kids change! ??? Candace here is eating one of her favorites; Cocoa Puffs with marshmallows. She USED to only eat the marshmallows and suddenly be "too full" to eat the cocoa puffs that were left. NOW.....see how many cocoa puffs are left? She was fishing one out at a time with her spoon so that she would only be left with the marshmallows-----'best for last', afterall :0)



See, kids are changing all the time :0)
Candace had been begging and begging for a playdate, so I called up a friend and invited her over for the afternoon. She is a couple of weeks younger than Candace and is a PEANUT! I'm kicking myself that I didn't take the camera with me outside when they went to give the chickens and pigs some treats (end of bread loaves and apple cores). She was ADORABLE holding the rooster....LOL.....and the pigs were bigger than she was.


Miss 376 said...

How satisfying to get another quilt finished. Looks like everyone is having fun

Patchwork Penguin said...

The quilts are lovely!!!! and the kids .... well....God Bless Kids!!! I love the ability to just 'go' with it!


Andra Gayle said...

My Serenity looks lovely with the lilacs. I am planning on July goals to be a finish every day or two with all the quilting, and bindings I need to finish.

scraphappy said...

Beautiful "artistic" pictures. It feels SO good to cross things off the list. The good thing about UFOs is that they finish up quickly. Looks like the girls are enjoying summer vacation.

Alycia said...

The after is the best photo!!! Love it!!!