Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On the frame...

MIL's Dressed to the Nines quilt was quilted and bound first thing this morning. Nothing fancy, just outline quilting.

She used some lace and ric-rac to embellish the waistlines of the dresses. A dearing touch :0)

Surprisingly, I didn't feel I needed to sit with any new project; instead, I pieced and loaded backing on the frame for In Flight. A couple of hours were put into it....until I ran out of thread. I KNEW that I was going to run out, so I figured I'd quilt until that time and then move on to the next task :0)

Next? Our rhubarb patch needed to be picked.

12 cups were set aside for me to make some Rhubarb Slush tomorrow. Eight packages of 3 cups each were bagged and frozen. All set again for the upcoming year. I must admit, it WAS nice to take a package out throughout the winter to have some Rhubarb Crunch.

This is a later post; I played softball tonight at 8:30 and arrived home a bit after 10:00. I needed a bit to eat so warmed up some soup, and now am sitting with my feet up watching "Disclosure".

Finally, this sign was shown on Green Fairy's blog the other day, and it really says it all :D! I managed to fit in about 5 loads of clothes today and even some closet tidying. Yesterday, a few hours were spent in Caitlyn's and Candace's closets; weeding out clothes too small; stocking the shorts/t-shirts drawers and setting the warmer clothes aside for now. A few times today, I was the nagger motivator to push the girls to finish cleaning their rooms. They finally did with my final threat of "No Painted Walls unless it's clean in 45 mintues!"

Five gallons of paint now sit in the entry-way; two gallons of Royal Blue and one gallon of Yellow for Cassie. She wants a "school colors" room. Two gallons of "rich purple" are for Caitlyn's and Candace's room. I have a feeling tomorrow will involve some painting :0)


Patchwork Penguin said...

And I thought I was busy yesterday!!!! Can't wait to see everything finished.

I have 'threatened' to do the painting myself... then it gets done :o)

Question... how large of a quilt have you done on your juki in the frame? Just curious.


scraphappy said...

It is so fun to see you checking projects off the list. Too bad about running out of thread. Once a quilt gets put onto the frame it is nice to keep it moving right along. Enjoy the painting. Are the girls going to want new quilts to go with the new room colors? You've got one going in blue and yellow already, how are you for purple quilts?