Friday, June 10, 2011

Before & After - Sewing area

Feeling ambitious, I headed downstairs after prepping dinner (BBQ Pork Chops - trying a new recipe tonight) with all intentions of loading With Heart onto the frame and get some quilting in.

BUT.....I decided it was TIME to deal with THIS!

Everytime I walk to my sewing room in the background, I always had to step over this MESS!

Two hours later, three donation boxes later, and two garbage bags later.... ahhhhhhhhh. There IS something about tidiness, isn't there!!??!?!!? I was just saying this to Angela with her lovely Before/After pictures of her longarm/sewing area.

And as most of you know, when you clean, you find/see things. mind was just hummmming when I came across the left over Morning Run fabrics.

Cassie would LOVE a quilt made out of these, so I pulled some fabrics amidst the cleaning time and laid them out. I haven't thought much more about this yet, so if any of you "see" a pattern for the center, feel free to share. It will most like be third, no wait, FOURTH on my to-do list.

Weekly Goals by next Friday:
1) Finish With Heart
2) Finish Hopscotch
3) Finish Maltese Star


scraphappy said...

Love the before and afters. Doesn't it feel so much nicer to create in a tidy space? Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like fondling all your fabric as it gets put away and sorted through.

jillquilts said...

I tidied up my sewing area today as well, but I didn't take any before pics. They wouldn't have held a candle to your mess or Angela's mess. lol Love what you are working on!