Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A quilting lesson for Caitlyn

I stayed up a bit late last night after posting, getting into another movie at 11:30 pm once "Disclosure" ended. DUH! By 12:45, I was done for and shut the movie off during a commercial. SO, I slept in this morning after Paul's 5:00 alarm sounded. The next thing I knew----EIGHT o'CLOCK!!! OMGoodness!
Some measuring...
and off to some errands by 10:00.
Stop #1: School to deliver "With Heart"
Stop #2: Pamida to buy two blinds for the girls' rooms
Stop #3: "Thimbles" quilt shop for backings for three quilts (13-block, Transitions, Maltese Star) and more thread
Stop #4: McDonalds
Stop #5: The Country Store for chicken food
Stop #6: Library for movies and to sign up for the Summer Read program

By the time we were back home, I didn't feel like starting the painting fiasco.....

...instead, the girls put a movie in the player and I set to making Rhubarb Slush ( recipe used).

While the rhubarb was simmering, Caitlyn asked me if I could give her her promised quilting lesson since she cleaned her room. Therefore, I had her look through some magazines while the slush finished cooking, and we headed downstairs as soon as it was done.

She chose a block that works nicely with the stitch-n-flip method; she's marking the squares here....

Sewing on a corner. Having a speed-control is WONDERFUL when having smaller children sew ;0)

Pressing those corners. She used the rotary cutter to trim off the corners once they were double-sewn, but I didn't quite trust her alone, so I guided her hands. Therefore, no pictures of the trimming.

The center of the block suggests hand-stitching the two flower motifs, but I grabbed a used dryer sheet as a stabilizer and tried a small zigzag (almost satin) stitch. Nothing like realllllllly getting in and focusing on that guide line I drew. ;0)

A small yo-yo to finish up the center, and she's a happy-camper! Now to decide if we'll make it into a small pillow or a small wall-hanging for the new room once painted :0)

To close this post, I thought I'd show a picture of this thing that has joined me in my quilting room. Anyone willing to take a gander at what it is...?
My Hint to you: "It's been making noises, teasing us all day....and we're losing patience." ;0)


Patchwork Penguin said...

Rhubarb slush sounds interesting..... Caitlyn did a SUPER job on her block... and I have no clue as to what that thing is.

scottylover said...

Looks like a rock tumbler to me. We had one when I was a kid and it was NOISY!

Sandy A

Anonymous said...

So what kind of chicks are you incubating?

Lovely quilt block, very nice colors and the flower is delightful.

Blogger only wants commenter to create a blog so I will post anonymously.
PB from MN

Anonymous said...

Is it an incubator?

Cindy in Ohio

Quilter Kathy said...

You have me curious about 2 things...what is in your basement? and how quickly can I make some rhubarb slush??

Pieces to Love said...

Yum rhubarb slush! Is that thing a radon detector?

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

An incubator??

Dee said...

I have no idea what the box is but how sweet that Caitlyn is interested in sewing!

Melissa said...

I think an incubator is in your basement. Very awesome that your daughter is already sewing! Wanted to let you know quick about our dairy breakfast on the 18th, at our farm. We would love to see you there!


scraphappy said...

I was going to guess weather station, given the temperature and humidity gauge, but incubator seems to be the popular answer. Great purple block, Stitch and flip is the first technique I taught my girls as well.