Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Finale - Hostess with Heart wrapup



Hostess with Heart (64" x 84")

Total time invested: 14-15 hours piecing and quilting
Pattern: "Cottage Lane"; March/April 2008 Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting (with modified borders)
Quilting thread: Aurifil

And since I had a bit more time....
I finished piecing and sewing the borders of With Heart

This top measures just a wee bit smaller at 64"x84" before quilting. So, shortly here I plan to head out to the quilt shop in search for some backing fabric for this quilt. Jody insists on purchasing this quilt as well....."... as it is a reminder of the fun story of these past few days." I'm just thrilled that I will be setting a new "Amy-Record" because of these past few days. ;0) Two complete quilts in under a week.


Ellen said...

Wow...I am in awe and they both look great!

Andee said...

I was about ten blogs behind so read this whole story all at once...both quilts are WONDERFUL! Very amazing that you got so much done in so little hat is off to you, as always!

scraphappy said...

Congratulations on two great quilts. Now I hope you can do something just for you.