Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From my hotel room - Day 2

I have a few minutes to drop a quick line....

I don't know how Bonnie does this week after week, penned up in hotels.....BLAH!

But at least there's a coffee pot (CUTEST little single-cup machine) :0)

A few of us staying at the same hotel ventured out last night once we realized how close the college was to our hotel. We wanted to walk the route and gauge the time it took so that we could walk back/forth everyday instead of drive or take the shuttle. 1.6 miles on way; DUH! Great opportunity to walk, right??? On the way back, we slowed our pace, strolling along to take in the atmosphere of the University of Minnesota and found this amazing Italian Pizza joint---AMAZING flavor!

Naturally I brought a couple of quilty projects along to pass my time in the evenings. Pictured already neat-n-tidy here is my stack of Smith Mountain Morning units that I'm cutting out and also preparing strips for the Quiltville Swap exchange. I've tackled quite of bit of putzy scrap cutting for this quilt (the fabs NOT being swapped because I have NO idea where they came from).

Anyhoo----nothing too exciting so far in my AP-Statistics workshop; much of day one was a review of the "easier" statistic ideas, BUT still worthwhile just to get a list of other Stats teachers in the kinda-sorta vicinity (we have teachers from ALL over MN, WI and even Iowa.)

Happy Tuesday everyone.


Patchwork Penguin said...

I so need to get some work done for school.... but everything else in the house helps me ignore it.

*sigh*... maybe after the 4th.

Have fun at your workshop!

Andee said...

I can't wait to have time to pull some fabrics myself!