Monday, June 6, 2011

Design wall - Hopscotch and some more Hostess

While waiting to hear from Jody about her suggestion for the applique heart for Hostess with Heart, I decided to tackle my Hopscotch blocks. I left off having completed all the blocks and just starting playing around with cutting sashing ((April 10th post). Pictured, the final quilt center is pieced and awaits border treatments. I haven't even thought that far ahead yet, so I'll have to look around to see what fabrics I have and whether I'll use a pieced border.

Since that was finished, I still needed something more to play around with, so I figured I'd at least prep the borders for Hostess with Heart so that I can jump to it tomorrow after hearing from Jody. I didn't want to put a quilt on the frame since I hope to have Hostess reading for quilting tomorrow.

Throughout all this activity, I've managed a few loads of clothes, some lunch, dishes, and watering the garden. My GOSH!!!! It's HOT HOT HOT out there! I absolutely FEEL for Paul today having to work out in this heat and humidity! UGH UGH!!! Cassie has a softball game tonight at 5:15, and although the sun won't be at its highest, it'll STILL be blasted HOT out there!

Oh, AND....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Blogger isn't sending comments to my email again! Rotten luck! Here I had thought that all my followers had left me after such a dry-blogging-spell ;0)........ but.....nope! You've commented! I just wasn't seeing them in email.


scraphappy said...

I remember that quilt. Love the brown sashing. Glad you have found the summer stride. Some of us are still plugging away at our FIRST quilts of the day.

Cornfield Quilter said...

It has turned really hot here in NW Indiana today. Yesterday it rained and stormed. Just gotta love this weather! :=(

Cornfield Quilter said...

Love your quilts! You are still the fastest quilt maker I have ever seen. :D

Andra Gayle said...

You ARE superwoman! those quilts are gorgeous! I am off to exercise, cook dinner, do laundry, and if lucky- sew a row or two on a quilt. no way will you see a quilt top finished from me today.

Quilter Kathy said...

Your hopscotch is THE BEST scrap quilt ever!
Re: blogger...I had to reset my preferences...go to "settings", click on "comments", scroll to the bottom and where it says "comment notification email" you have to re-enter your email address. Hope this helps.

Pieces to Love said...

what size are the squares in the hop scotch quilt? I have TON of 2 1/2" squares and that looks like it might be a good use for them, when I get around to it.