Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stash reports: May 30 - June 5 & June 6-12

When I work downstairs in my quilting room, I always have my "Mom's Quilting notebook" dutifully at my side. YES, it needs to be labeled with strict rules that it is MOM'S NOTEBOOK, otherwise three little sets of hands will snatch it to make pretty pictures in....or be used as a waitress' notepad....or as a scientist's field guide......{{You get the picture}}

This is where I keep track of all my yardage/strips/scraps used...

...or notes on blocks I've seen that don't come with a pattern. {Thanks again, Angela, for sharing some basics of the Scrap CUTE!}

I had been kinda dieing to know what the verdict of these past two weeks would be after slicing and sewing so much fabric for With Heart and Hostess with Heart.

Stash Report: May 30 - June 5
Used/week: 5.382 yds
Purch/week: 0.0 yds

Used/year: 68.257 yds
Purch/year: 11.0 yds

Net Used: 57.257 yds

Stash Report: June 6-12
Used/week: 18.076 yds {not bad}
Purch/week: 22.0 yds

Used/year: 86.333 yds
Purch/year: 33.0 yds

Net Used: 53.333 yds

Alright, time to get busy to double that usage by the end of summer :0)


Jackie said...

I really should do something like this too. Not so much to keep track of fabric usage but ideas and where I am on projects. I have bookmarks on webpages but it's just not as easy as flipping through a notebook.

Dee said...

Nice totals this year! You're far in the black. I'm also sure considering how productive you seem to be in the summers that you'll easily double your total used.

jillquilts said...

I have little books like that all over that I use for everything, especially keeping track of usage. :)

Great work on your numbers!!

Kate said...

Great stash busting. I use the computer for tracking my stash. I'd never be able to keep up with a notebook!

Melanie said...

Your numbers look great! Good luck reaching your goal this summer!