Friday, June 10, 2011

A few loose ends...

I eventually made my way downstairs after a 10:00 brunch of french toast and pork sausage.

I didn't feel in the quilting frame mood, so I dropped the backing fabric off on it and headed to my quilting room. Looking around, I saw a heap of binding strips that have sat since I was gung-ho on finishing up Red Blossoms and Blue Ridge Beauty back in March. The binding of BRB was finished, but I never got around to RB.

Binding complete. Sadly, this quilt nor BRB made their way to the Japan Earthquake relief, therefore I think Alycia will be receiving a package soon (once I finish Maltese Star quilting).

I saw this little crib quilt that was tossed in the same corner (back from March 23); was never finished either. A few more 2.5" binding strips created and another quilt to check off the list. WHY didn't I just spend the 30 minutes to do this back in March????

My 2.5" square scrap box was organized into piles of like-colors....

Angela's post the other day was still teasing my creative side, so I played. She shared with me that the squares were 2.5" and the white strips were 1.5"...."...and the rest of the math is pretty easy." Psht! It was, BUT, don't you people realize that it's summer vacation!?!? And on summer vacation I like to turn off my "math mind." ;0)

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scraphappy said...

OH I really love those scrap blocks. They look so graphic and clean with the white sashings. I'm glad you were able to dust off your math brain and do a couple of quick calculations:)
Great work on finishing off old projects. I am getting my ducks in a row so that I can start on the same process soon.