Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Barbie Bungee [now with pictures]

So, what do a class full of AP-Statistics teachers do during these workshops, you may wonder.....

We turn Barbie into a thrill-ride seeker! Statistical (and Algebraic) methods were used to determine the relationship between the number of rubberbands used in relation to the distance Barbie bungee'd; all initial data was collected in the classroom, using a maximum of 5 rubberbands, and of course....a Barbie. Some "statistics-magic" was performed to find the optimal relationship (equation) in order to predict for the ULTIMATE THRILL RIDE EVENT: The BIG plunge of 199 inches (the distance measured in the hall's stairwell).

My team did not kill Barbie, (yay!) and had her come within a foot of the floor. However, one team had their Barbie's hair actually brush the floor, but never hitting her head, and therefore were deemed Most Thrilling by Barbie.

To wrap up the project, we held a Barbie-n-Friends Bungee Party :0)

Yeah...I can see this being a definite lesson to use with my AP-Stats kids; I THINK they'd be mature enough to play with Barbie for a day :0)

Okay....onward to Day 3.
Happy Wednesday.

{{pictures from phone; hence the poor quality}}


Andee said...

Math isn't my thing (though I intepreted Statistics and Algebra last semester!) but this bungee jumping Barbie does sound like fun!

scraphappy said...

Poor Barbie. What are the odds of a complete recovery? Glad you are having fun at your workshop. Sounds like a nice way to make math relevant and fun.

Amanda said...

As long as you come away from a training course with at least one good idea it's well worth the money and time.

Patchwork Penguin said...

What a neat idea!!!!! i might have to share this with some of our math teachers.

Oh, and if a young lady happens to break up with her boyfriend when you do this.... maybe she could bungee jump Ken... work out all those male bashing frustrations.

Just sayin :o)