Friday, June 10, 2011

Fabrics of all sorts...

My quilt shop visit for the backing of With Heart was successful. Five yards found in the 20% discount room, in addition to another spool, lighter color, of Aurifil thread. I really am sold on this thread!!!

I was drawn to a few more fabrics in the 20% off room. I have no project specificially in mind; you fabric-hoarders understand, I'm sure :0) However, Hopscotch is in the back of my mind because that'll be the next project (I think) once I finish With Heart.

I didn't spend any more time in the quilting room yesterday; took the early afternoon off to relax and look through all my old quilting magazines.

I met up with Jody yesterday afternoon to deliver the quilt. She insisted that "it was perfect!" And, boy! I wish Jody would come over to my house to organize/clean/decorate to match her house. It was BEAUTIFUL! Clean, uncluttered. Gosh---will I ever reach that stage? Maybe when MY children are two days away from their wedding?
Speaking of which, her daughter and fiance' were sitting at the kitchen table with the laptop doing some final wedding preparations. I was tickled that he was dutifully by her side AND that he moved his head to the side when Erica (daughter) showed me a picture of the cake topper, which showed the bride wearing a replica of her wedding dress. Erica excitingly explained that the topper was completely made out of paper; it was quite amazing, and I think she was saddened that she couldn't show it to me in person, but was at 'the other place' (his parents' house, which is hosting the reception.)

Anyway, so after we left Jody's we headed to Rice Lake for some shopping of fabric in a different form. For whatever reason, Candace has turned into a dress-wearing little girl and has worn a dress every day this week. And CAITLYN has been pouty because SHE didn't have any "pretty dresses" in her closet anymore. {{Cassie wasn't a dress-wearing girl, so there aren't any dresses in the hand-me-down boxes that fit Caitlyn}}. So, we went shopping for Caitlyn and found three cute summery dresses.....and THEN some! Each of them came home with 4-5 pairs of shorts; sadly I couldn't find many shirts, so that still remains on my shopping list to restock their summer clothes. Even *I* came away with a new item: a swimming suit! I only have bikinis----e-gats! I need to get backing running something serious if I plan to wear a bikini in public, so I needed a one-piece for the boating excursions we are planning over the summer.

I slept in this morning. I was awake at 5:00, but closed my eyes again, and AMAZINGLY I fell back asleep. I woke again at 6:00, but said.....nah. Not yet. So, at 6:45, I finally decided it was time for me to start my day. Paul is around today; a vacation-day of sorts for him. The weather is a bit dreary; overcast, gray, slight drizzle. I'll see what I can do together with him today, otherwise, I'll head downstairs to see about finishing With Heart.

Hope your day has great plans :0)


Me and My Stitches said...

Love the cute little dresses!

Andee said...

I think I know just the fabric store you were it! And Rice Lake shopping...we used to do that during the summers when we were staying at the cottage on Long Lake. New Auburn is the closest town and it didn't have much so it was a big deal to go to Rice Lake! They used to have the best coney dogs at the mall!

scraphappy said...

Ahh summer, the gift of time.