Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mid-morning break

About 3.5 hours in this morning already. The top was finished by piecing on the final border.

After some contemplation over a cup of coffee and a bagel, I finally decided to use 20.5" squares pieced together with a smaller 4.5" border to trim out the backing. These measurements allow me about 2" excess on each side.....that should be easy to keep centered with the top while quilting (**crossing fingers**)

Then after an hour-long water-break {{for the garden, not me ;0)}}, I loaded the quilt onto the frame, lined up everything and took a few passes before taking a small mid-morning break.

My knees are tender today; I'm thinking it's due to my jog last night. So, I'm going to sit back for a bit before heading back downstairs. Cassie has softball tonight at 5:00; other than that, nothing else planned today.


The Civil War Quilter said...

Love the quilt! Can't wait to see it quilted.

Ann Marie said...

You go girl, GO. Oh yeah, good thing you clarified that hour long water break, because I was thinking to myself, after that she won't get this quilt done in the next day or two because she will be spending all her time in the bathroom! LOL.....Glad all that water was for the garden instead.