Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hostess with Heart - Take 2

Sharing a few emails here from the past 12 hours before getting to the "Take 2"...

Email #1: 6:00 PM
Wow! You are a fast worker! I just got home from Rice Lake... and actually received your phone call and email before I left, but I wanted time to think on the label.

First, the quilt is very nice (striking contrast... and I love the flowers) and I look forward to acquiring it, but I see pinks and greens as the primary colors rather than browns, cremes, reds and burgundys. So, Erica and I are wondering if we should give the quilt to my brother's soon to be wife for a wedding gift (I think she may be Irish) or my nephew and his soon to be wife, or... it would look lovely in my sun room. If we go with either of these options, it seems a better choice to change the label idea to read "With Heart" rather than Hostess with Heart. That way, I have options and you can keep working (like only you can do!).

In the meantime, I will keep trying to get a hold of the lady's daughter, who told us what colors to pick. Maybe the colors, pink and green, will match her living room too.

Any way we go, it is all good. You are amazing!

Email #2: 7:19 pm
Oh Jody. I know you mean well, but my heart is saddened that the quilt isn't fitting the designated person. My "designer's control" stepped over her bounds. I don't mind setting this aside and getting busy on one that is more fitting. Nothing hurt at all; I make quilts all the time that get set aside or put up on Etsy for selling. HONESTLY! It's summer and I don't have many plans at all this week. You'd be surprised how fast I can work!!!! If you like this pattern, it IS a fast one! I could get it done rather quickly once the correct fabric colors are chosen. I'll play around with color placements with this design that are all in the browns, cremes, reds and burgundys and get back to you yet tonight. No harm done, really!!!!! If I purchase fabrics tomorrow I could still have this finished by Friday; no biggy really!!

Email #3: 9:53 pm
Hi, Amy. You are sweet. Do you ever catch a breath? Your energy always leaves me smiling! I finally got through to the daughter and she was just sitting down to supper (at 9:00?). She said she would call me back. I am planning to have her look at the quilt. It is really pretty. (My sister from Bemidji said it is really beautiful.) Just waiting for Sarah to call me...

Email #4: 10:20 pm
Okay....let me know if/when you hear anything. The quilt shop opens at 10:00 am and I plan to hit it if the quilt won't suit the living room of the true recipient :0) I took a gander at Walmart fabrics while I was there and purchased a couple, but their selection was pretty slim in browns. :0( Besides, quilt shop fabrics are much nicer AND Deb (owner) can help me put together some lovely choices.

Truth be told; all the fabrics in the quilt already started were taken from my own selections from my shelves, so I am not hurt at all; just upset with myself that I didn't hit the shop Saturday morning like I should have.
What exactly does your schedule look like on Friday? What about Thursday evening? (not promising anything there, but maybe....). I can only imagine your Friday is swamped, but let me know if there may be a time a could peek in to deliver the quilt in the event it gets finished. I truly want to finish it by the wedding for you; it'll have more meaning.

Email #5: 10:43 pm
O.K. Hostess' daughter, Sarah, is in Chicago and for some reason, my computer won't send my email with your blog link. (I never know why this happens, but it is all too frequent). So, if you really want to whip out another, I could purchase both :0) Then, the label(s) for the Hostess quilt could include "For Diane" & Hostess with Heart.

On Friday, I will likely be home until 11:45, at which time I am to go to the church to help decorate. Rehearsal dinner is at 6:00. I would feel funny asking you to drive all this way. I could send Michael up your way, possibly.

You are amazing!

Email #6: 12:05 am
Thought you might like to read Sarah's email. Really, Amy. I am good with whatever you decide. I can't imagine doing all you do in a day, or an hour for that matter.

Begin forwarded message:
From: Sarah
Date: June 6, 2011 11:53:51 PM CDT
Hi Jody,
The quilt is beautiful. You're right--it's not in line with the color scheme originally planned, but it's still beautiful and I'm sure my mom would love it! So, if you have another use for a quilt, you could ask for a re-do on the colors. But if not, my mom won't ever know that the colors didn't go exactly as planned so don't worry. :)
I am still impressed with how quickly this woman works! Wow!

If you read through all these emails, I'm sure you've painted a picture in your mind of Jody! Isn't she JUST the sweetest?!?!?!?! I mean, REALLY! I'm not about to let my designer control ruin this quilt for her! I AIM to please!!!!!!!!

So, 10:02 AM found me strolling into the quilt shop with smiles greeting Deb (owner) who I haven't seen since last summer! By 11:00, we had all the fabrics selected. She's amazing at what she does!!!!!

11:20 AM, driving through McD's to pick up some quick lunch since the girls were EXTREMELY well behaved for the hour at the quilt shop. And, aw heck.....this way I didn't have to cook lunch once I got home.

By 11:50 AM, I was downstairs loading a new blade in the cutter. I am not ONE bit worried about not being able to finish this by Friday (and most likely even Thursday evening). It's SUMMER! I have most of my days available (outside of a few softball evenings here-n-there). Deb (shop owner) couldn't believe it when I said I was going to have this baby done by Friday. Psht!!!! It's all about finding shortcuts! Case-n-point.......cutting 48 1.75"x10.5" rectangles. LICKITY SPLIT if you load up the cutting board. Look!!!!! Four easy cuts, and ALLLLLL 48 DONE! ;0)

The First Four Hours

Hour 1: Cutting complete

Hour 2: Blocks started and a little Diet Mr. Dew break---it's HOT and HUMID again. Even being in the basement isn't all that helpful today :0(

Hour 3: More block work done

Hour 4: Blocks finished and time to take a break. Headed outside to water the garden and ate some cooling noodle salad as an early make-shift dinner

Block 1

Block 2

The colors are a smidge off. Caitlyn (sadly) dropped my camera last week, so I have been using Cassie's. It's better than nothing, so I am DEFINITELY not complaining.

Alright.....5:10 PM right now. One more hour and maybe this top center will be together......we'll see :0)

Happy Tuesday!


Ellen said...

Holy moly!

scottylover said...

WOW! You are the Energizer Bunny on caffiene! :) Makes me tired just reading all you do! Love the new fabrics, too. Gotta love shortcuts! Can't wait to see it all together.

You rock!
Sandy A

Ann Marie said...

Glad to see there is someone else out there that cuts and sews in full gear. I don't know how people cut out quilts one layer of fabric at a time.........would drive me nuts!!! Chain piecing is my best friend too.

Me and My Stitches said...

You scare me. Seriously, does your family worry that you are wielding very sharp objects? What I wouldn't do for your energy!