Monday, June 20, 2011

The painting that almost wasn't & What's on the frame

Cassie took her time yet again today unloading her room, but after lunch, we were doing the final preparations to paint her room. Outlet covers off; final wall hangings removed.....all set.

Once again, the "little ones" wanted to help out, MUCH to my dislike because the room was crowded since we kept Cassie's bed in the center.....and besides; there weren't a lot of "small stuff" that Caitlyn or Candace could do. BUT, I remember hearing Paul in my head...."They want to help, honey..."

With brush in hand, Caitlyn was on her third and final outlet border with Candace waiting patiently to paint her three, when.....


Here is the aftermath after TWO HOURS of scrubbing the 1/4 gallon spill of paint that dear ol' Candace graced us with. the heat of the moment, I was rather upset and Candace fought off the tears, albeit her lip was trembling something fierce. I didn't take any "before" shots of this because I was FUMING......there was SOOOOOO MUCH paint, just a'soaking up into the carpet.

I literally scraped up as much as I could and squeegied it into a small container.......ohhhhh....what a MESS!!! And YES, I had down a cloth, BUT, she tipped over the painting pan, which then overflowed over the edge of the cloth. ((**sigh**))

About an hour-n-half into the scrubbing, I called up Cassie to help me with the final rinsing and scrubbing, and I simply told her that the painting may be put on hold......I was pooped from constant scrubbing for TWO HOURS......

AND.....being the trooper that she is, she said..."It's alright Mom."

But, after a drink of Diet Orange Crush and a deep breath, I picked up a brush to at least use up the paint I was able to "rescue" from the carpet spill just to get it used up....and suddenly, the room started turning from this yellow girly flower room..... this Laker blue room! (Our school mascot is a Laker---picture to come someday soon). Cassie pictured here alphabetizing her books.....did you ever do that as a kid? Boy, it takes me back because I did. :0)

The first time we painted her room when we built in 2004, we had her hand-stamp by her light switch.

We saved it, and have intentions of stamping a new hand once we break open the yellow to paint a Laker symbol above her bed.

I think a Laker symbol above her bed is a great idea and it'll be a great spot! I'll have to see about borrowing a projector from the school to draw the symbol on her wall.

The Blue-n-Gold quilt that I just started as a leader-ender will be hers once finished. It'll match so nicely :0)

Cassie is 10 years old and has become SUCH a worker for both Paul and I. She is ALWAYS wanting and willing to help Dad outside with his odd jobs; she's been a GREAT help this past week with painting, and yesterday when I was mowing, she asked if she could learn how to ride the Riding Lawnmower. She really is a GREAT kid!!! :0)

Finally, before lunchtime and after I completed the first Rolling Star applique block, I pieced together the backing I purchased for Transitions and got it all loaded on the frame. I haven't chosen a pantograph yet, but I cleaned and oiled the machine and wound 8 bobbins so I'll be set the next time I head downstairs.

For those of you asking about Rolling Star pattern, hang tight. It's downstairs and I'm simply too lazy to go get the paperwork right now to let you all know. Soon though.....PROMISE!

Time for some rhubarb slush!


Linda said...

I am anxious to see how you describe a "Laker" to our blogging friends. Beautiful Laker Blue--I need to look for the Laker Gold!

jillquilts said...

Oh Man!! What a mess! Of course, I spilled white paint on the hard wood laminate floor when I was painting trim. If you are ever in town, I will show you where it is! lol

Miss 376 said...

Oh, what a day! It's ended up well, and I still put my books in alphabetical order. To my frustration, my boys don't, lol

Dee said...

I can see how you might be rather 'ill' after scrubbing for that long, but it was good of you as a mom to let them help out. They'll remember spending that time with you and perhaps one day you'll look back on the carpet incident and laugh! It's a pretty color on the walls though.

Amanda said...

Poor Candace, I hoe she doesn't get put off painting for good. I seem to remember our younger son tipping over the paint pot when we were painting his big brother's room - black paint! We just put a cupboard over it in the end and reckoned when we sold the house the new people would have to do the same or put down a new carpet! Your spill is right in the corner too, so it should be easy enough to cover up, I hope.

Patchwork Penguin said...

I love the blue and I know it's tough when you want a job done, you know how to do it, and the girls don't 'read' your mind.

Chalk it up as being a mom.... in the long run, she'll remember saving her hand print and not the fuss. Or maybe the spilled paint will be a memory of a job done together.

Oh... and I love the quilt on the frame.. is that one of Judy Laquidara's? Would love to find the pattern.

Tracy said...

I totally alphabetized my books when I was a kid. I even went as far as making index cards for some of them! Can you say 'nerd'?!LOL!
Now I have way too many to even think of doing that. I wish I had a room for just a library!

Tracy said...

And I love that you saved her handprint. I did the same thing except my little handprints were usually done in dirt! On the wall going up the stairs!

Candace said...

The bedroom looks pretty awesome. It is great to have a willing helper. My best helper was my 5 year old grandson who helped me mow with his toy lawnmower. His attitude was so joyful and wanting to help and I'll always be grateful to the little fellow. (he's about 23 now)
I love the quilt on the bed and the one on the frame.