Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More fabric cut into...A new Project

Meet the fabrics for "Frost 25". This is Mystery #25 from the Mystery Quilts 4 Military yahoo group that has already been solved, however I have NOT peeked ahead, nor have I seen any "solved" quilts, so it's still a complete mystery to me. My red, whites and blues are pretty empty, so I ventured into other colors for this mystery to get them used. Most of the fabrics here are from Connecting Thread's "Twilight Frost" fabric line, so the name for my quilt came partially from the fabric line AND part from what mystery # this is.

Clue #1 quick and complete.


Ann Marie said...

I cut up a bunch of fabric yesterday for yet another quilt top too. But spent today sewing on another one, trying to get something closer to done, so I can get a few tops of my table. I can finally see the end to my RRCB string blocks..........thank god!

Miss 376 said...

Lovely colours

Dee said...

I've never heard about the group, so thank for sharing! I just joined. I love making mystery quilts but then am never sure what to do with them. Donating them to soldiers is a great idea!