My Bonnie Patterns

Since I found Quiltville in 2007, my quilting endeavors have taken on a new life. When I found Bonnie, she had just started up the Quiltvillechat yahoo group, so my timing was perfect. I missed her Carolina Crossroads mystery; but I made up for that during the first few months of 2008. Additionally, I participated in the Orange Crush mystery and most mysteries since.  Her designs push your limits to a COMPLETELY new level.  She's amazing!

Here is a list of what I've made so far: (most recent finish listed first)

  1. Jamestown Landing
  2. Star Struck (blue)
  3. Christmas Goose (Bonnie's "Goose in a Puddle") (quilt top only so far)
  4. Lazy Sunday (quilt top only so far) (Quiltmaker mystery)
  5. Easy Street (quilt top only so far) (8th Bonnie mystery)
  6. Smith Mountain Morning (quilt top only so far)
  7. Scrappy Pineapple Blossoms
  8. Orca Bay (7th Bonnie mystery)
  9. Hopscotch (inspired by Bonnie's Hopscotch/Butterscotch -- slight design changes made)
  10. Roll Roll Cottonboll (6th Bonnie mystery)
  11. Red Blossoms (Using Pineapple Blossoms)
  12. Blue Ridge Beauty
  13. Jared Takes a Wife
  14. Star Struck
  15. Pineapple Blossoms
  16. Perkiomen Daydreams
  17. Chunky Churndash
  18. Carolina Christmas (my 5th Bonnie mystery)
  19. Christmas Lights (Quiltmaker series)
  20. Grandma & Me (using Diamond Strings & Charlotte's Baskets)
  21. Oklahoma Backroads
  22. Double Delight (my 4th Bonnie mystery) -- Favorite so far?!!?!?!?
  23. Cathedral Stars
  24. Old Tabacco Road (my 3rd Bonnie mystery)
  25. Fun with Bricks
  26. Carolina Crossroads (my 2nd Bonnie mystery after joining Quiltvillechat)
  27. Orange Crush (my first Bonnie mystery)


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

WOW you have made 19 of Bonnie's creations! You are way ahead of me. I am only working on #2 with Orca Bay. Getting ready to start on Pineapple Blossoms, trying to figure out what color to use with my purple strings I loaded up on yesterday. It isn't going to be scrappyscrappy. Kinda controlled scrappy. I have all of Bonnie's books on my wish lists. :D

Ms. C said...

I agree - Bonnie's patterns are addictive! I love her scrap users system and her patterns seem to be the first thing I head to when I just want to sit and sew for a while.

Andee said...

And always adding to the list! One can never have or make too many Bonnie quilts!

Yvette said...

I am so impressed! Bonnie is my favorite designer and I vowed to have one of her quilts going at all times from now on. I have one finished and two going at the moment but the list of "want to do Bonnie quilts" is a mile long. Thanks for the inspiration.

tealeafquilts said...

I'm impressed. I have Cathedral Stars and Celtic Solstice in progress and also, Smith Mountain Morning from the retreat this weekend. Who woulda thought I would love those tiny pieces.

tealeafquilts said...

I completed my Smith Mountain Morning quilt his weekend and then realized that there were 1568 pieces in the center portion of the quilt before adding borders. I had SEW much fun! Sewing Bonnie's way is a revelation in saving time for sure! Now I'm anxious to finish Cathedral Stars and Celtic Solstice, although I'm not sure I will make CS as big as she prescribes. Maybe a full size. Who knows.