Sunday, June 27, 2010

11 WIP's---time to get going!

I just updated my WIP list with my latest "spur-of-the-moment" starts. Time to get some finishes!!!!!!
Another dismally cloudy day outside; my machine will see some miles today, I think!

Let's see----you think I can pull off finishing the top for Paintbox AND A Scrappy Picnic???

Obviously Dizzy and Judy's mystery can't see any new action...

Oh yeah---Buckeye Beauty needs to see some time today because I want to piece together another 6 sets using my new fabrics. I want them to hit the mail tomorrow and be out of my hands :0)

My Star Struck swap has been my leader-ender project awaiting the return of the swapped blocks. I sent out a set and the due date is July 7th, so I have some time to keep plugging away on them as a L/E until the blocks return.

Jared Takes a today

Pineapple Blossoms---I could maybe pull those out and do another 10 blocks. I THINK I have 20 so far???? I don't even remember!

Carolina Christmas and Jade's Heart. Oh boy---I think both of these could be added to my UFO list! Neither have seen much work over the past couple of months. And SURELY not today, either.

Scrappy Logs kinda seems to be an ongoing project too. Maybe this could be moved in as my next L/E project since I already have a bin of cut logs.

Okay---gosh! Late start today! 9:00 already!
A quick refill of the coffee, and time to head downstairs.

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Jackie said...

I wish I had 10% of your energy!