Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Q4K -- {and he's measuring}!!!

Olivia Likes All: quilting was completed this morning and binding sewn on shortly thereafter. Quilting was the "Chinese Crescents" pantograph in red thread. It's a nice, simple, and not-so-dense panto ;0)

Doggy Delight. Also quilted with "Chinese Crescents" pantograph.

Flower Child. Quilted with a meander and flower-outline.

So...all three kits are finished, bound, labeled, WASHED, and ready to be shipped back to headquarters. And since this pattern doesn't take ALL that long to piece together....{{one hour and 20 minutes pretty much from start to finish}}

How could I resist not cutting up this adorable cat fabric for some little child?!?

So, Kool Kat is pieced and ready for quilting! Later this afternoon maybe....

in the meantime...

Him: You. Here. Now.
Me: Umm...okay....
{{following Him downstairs...}}
Him: How many outlets you want?
Me: How many breakers am I allowed?
Him: One.
Me: Iron and machine really shouldn't be on the same breaker.
Him: Okay. Two.
Me: Okay. Then two outlets on each wall would be great.
Him: {{standing back, "admiring" the space}}. Alright.
Me: So, have you thought more about drywall or pine?
Him: {{more looking around the space, arms crossed....}}
Me: {{hearing no answer...}}Do you need me for anything else?
Him: No.

He wasn't a man of many words just now, but WHO CARES?!??! This MAY mean that my walls will make an appearance soon!

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Laurel said...

Iron, machine, and LIGHTS should be on seperate breakers. I can't tell you how many times I've tripped the CB when I came back in the room and flipped the lights on (yeah, the iron was on while I left the room). Iron needs its own, imho