Thursday, June 10, 2010

Starting the day with some motivation...

The gentleman pictured on the right is Mike Campbell (60 years young), brother of my school's Athletic Director. Jim (our AD) dutifully forwards emails to me that his brother sends from his recent races.
Mike's latest 100 mile race post (yup...100 miles!!!) is inspiring to read for anyone, but hopefully specially to runners. For those of you (me?) die-hard runners out there who have contemplated upping past a mere 26.2 mile marathon, I love how Mike posts his nutrition consumed during the 100 mile ordeal and takes us through the entire race; ups and downs.

So, is this enough to get you outside running (or walking!!!!!!!!!) today?

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Nan said...

My knees haven't let me run for years; I'm a walker now. But to be honest - reading about your friend makes me want to take a nap! lol Seriously, 24 hrs of running?!? Wow!