Thursday, June 10, 2010

Running log - 6/10/10

I will be keeping track of my training over my summer on my blog. I contemplated starting a separate blog just for my running, but.....well....the name of my blog is Amy's Passions for a reason. If running isn't your thang, it's okay! Really! I'm sure quilting posts won't be too far behind these posts :0)

Ran 2.88 miles today on Brooke Drive. Started with an easy mile, mostly decent; then started an Aerobic Interval (AI) set of four telephone poles. My first pole was a jog of ~10:30/mile, second ~9:30/mile, third ~8:30/mile; fourth ~7:30/mile. Holy buckets!!! That 7:30 kicked my butt!!! I repeated this AI three times with a one-pole recovery walk between each (Yeah, lieing in my journal...A TWO-POLE recovery walk before that last one!!!!!!) I had some moments of mental talk to remind myself that I"m just starting in on my training again---and that it'll take a bit of time to get my legs and heart back in shape to take care of those 7:30's (and eventually 6:30's!)
The numbers:
Avg Pace: 10:59/mile
Avg Speed: 5.5 mph
Max Speed: 8.8 mph
Calories: 280
Avg Heartrate: 171 bpm
Max Heartrate: 187 bpm
Ascent: 281 ft
Descent: 288 ft

Weather was perfect! Overcast; mid 60's. Slight sprinkles at the start and very little wind.

BTW---I LOVE my Garmin Forerunner 305 Here's a review!!! I purchased this two years ago (I think). It's one amazing training partner! Keeps me honest and keeps me pushing myself when I don't have a marked track to keep track of my time and distance. I haven't learned all the bells-n-whistles yet; there's a way you can "race" a person on the screen using a preset pace as your goal. I have yet to try that out!

Healthy Thursday!

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