Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moondance recipient smiled :0) and....needle threader!!!

The picture says it all. She said she loved it {{and I believe her}}
I shared the story of the Too Good to Cut Challenge, so that tickled her fancy even MORE, knowing that she was receiving fabric that was "too pretty for me to cut into." I truly truly truly LOVE giving quilts away when the recipients are as appreciative as Dolly!!!

Do you have a threader on your machine?
Do you LIKE your threader??


but you see that piece of metal???

And now the question becomes: Just HOW important is this threader to me? Enough to give up my machine for a few days for it to be fixed??? Or can it wait until my annual servicing???


I'm fine without it {{I GUESS}} if it means I can sew, sew, sew!!!

Alycia's quilter's accountability post today guilted me, challenged me into pulling out my Carolina Christmas partial top to git 'r done! I am in the process of borders; I can't exactly remember. So, that's my goal tomorrow!


Andee said...

Very excited to see how your Carolina Christmas borders look! I am all caught up on my blogs and heading out early for Wisconsin...happy sewing!

Jackie said...

I'm not surprised at all that she loved the quilt you made for her. It's gorgeous.

Linda said...

Knowing Dolly--I KNOW she was thrilled with her new quilt and will cherish it. It is beautiful!!!

Quilter Kathy said...

Congrats on a great finish and a wonderful gift!

Judy said...

What a very special gift! I'm sure she will treasure it.

My needle threader on my machine has been messed up since the second month I had the machine. I can still thread it so it isn't important to get it fixed. If I ever take my machine in, they can fix it then.

Tracy said...

I have a threader on both machines but never used it until I took a class from the owner of the shop on how to use my viking...he saw me struggling with it and showed me how but it went over my head which is easy to do and then he showed us all and finally it stuck and I've used it ever since. If it broke I'd probably get it fixed since my machine is fairly new but it wouldn't hurt me to go back to the old fashioned way either!
It's clear your friend loved the quilt! It's a beautiful one!

Gari said...

I guess my threader is not too important. I have never been able to get the threader on my straight stitch machine to work and it is the workhorse in my studio. The two computerized machines have threaders (one computerized threader) and they work fine and I use them all the time. but if they broke I think I would just thread the old fashioned way until it was time for a regular check-up. Other problems would/have driven me to take the machine in right away. :-(

jillquilts said...

It definitely looks like she is sooo happy with the quilt! That is the kind of response that makes me keep giving quilts!

Ohhh.... I have no idea what I would do without my automatic threader! I hope I don't have to find out! :)

Good luck!