Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kool Kat done; Judy's June mystery progress; Homemade French fries???

I snuck in some time this afternoon .... {{okay, so I didn't "sneak"....I just sewed allllllll day!!!}}
Kool Kat is in the washer, quilted and bound. I will need to make up a label tonight since this is a donated Quilts 4 Kids from my stash. The quilting was a fast, simple, edge-to-edge loopty-loop.

And then, once that was finished up (around 3:30), I figured it would be a perfect time to work on Judy's June Mystery Step #4 before I needed to start thinking about dinner....

I didn't realize it was such a quick, fun step! :0) I'm liking my fabric choices so far :0)

Have you ever attempted making homemade french fries? Through trial-n-error, DH has finally mastered the method! {{yes, I will give him credit! He's quite the chef when he wants to be!!!!}}.
First, slice your potatoes to your liking. We usually just punch 'em through this fry maker.
Then (and this IS an important step!), lay them out between two towels and rub gently to dry as much moisture as possible.
Once the fryer is ready, fry 'em up for a bit. Time really depends on how thick the fries are. You don't want to COMPLETELY cook them yet, so remove and let them drain for a few minutes (2-3). Then....(and this is the SECOND important step)....fry them AGAIN until they are crispy brown.

Okay....they're in the fryer right now, so I gotta run!

Tonight's agenda? Probably Dizzy, QOV Mystery 22, step #4. I might also consider working on the BOM. July is RIGHT around the corner already.


scraphappy said...

From your title, I thought you were doing a new mystery called homemade french fries. I'm glad they were two different topics, though it could be a cute name for a quilt, a few golden brown strips with an occasional red thrown in? Great to see you are getting tons done. Maybe you getting the June blocks ready will be my motivation to get caught up on mysteries and BOMs.

Quilter Kathy said...

Love your mystery blocks! Isn't this a fun mystery?!? I have no idea how these things are going to come together into anything that doesn't look like a dog's breakfast!!