Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A scrap-quilting family

{Caitlyn}: Mom, is it alright if I pretend to sew in your new room?
{Me}: in the middle of a row of quilting on a Q4K...of course sweetie
{5 minutes later}
{Caitlyn}: Mom, is it okay if I use this little scissors VERY carefully....I promise to be careful...I won't cut myself
{Me}: Of course sweetie

{10 minutes later--Cassie enters and sees little sister with a bucket of mom's 1.5" strips...excitedly runs back upstairs for a pen and another scissors}

Darn! I didn't take any "final" pictures of the evening. Caitlyn made a stack of 1.5 x ~5 "bricks"....oh golly! You should see her measuring tool! That lil' girl taped a piece of white fabric to the edge of the desk; made a mark about 5" from the end, and started marking and cutting her strips using that mark. I'm sure I'll be sewing together some "bricks" today once she plays some more.....

As for my "sewing room"----not moved in and I really don't want to until DH gets walls framed up and covered. But WHO KNOWS when that'll happen.??? {however, I asked him last night AGAIN--sounding sweetly and NOT naggy-sounding--and he said..."within three weeks".} Here's hoping!


Miss 376 said...

it all looks very cosy

Laurel said...

Isn't it great when our kids want to learn our wonderful hobby?

scraphappy said...

How sweet that they all want to get in on your hobby. Walls are sounding like a definite possibility. Not having them doesn't seem to be slowing you down though. FOUR Q4Ks. Most impressive.

Gari said...

Three weeks sounds so far away. You are really a good wife.