Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer mornings; Design wall material???

I'm kinda wondering if this is going to be the norm this summer; those relaxed days where the schedule is wide open and rather stress free; and when I awake to see the alarm clock saying 5:24 am and NOT MINDING to just get out of bed to start the day. Why not, right??? I think it's because I know that if I realllllly get tired again later on, it's nothing to just sit back and "rest the eyes" for a few minutes.

Happy Friday morning to y'all. It's just beginning to rain outside; thunder rolling off in the distance. It this keeps up, DH will be home all day. I wonder what the plans will be. Maybe, just maybe, we'll start working together to begin to finish up the Quilting room and bathroom downstairs. We've already purchased the mortar for flooring (that's my job), but the walls will be his job. We (DH) hasn't decided yet whether we will be hanging drywall for the walls, or pine wood. 80% of our house has pine on the walls--DH HATES drywall!!! I don't mind the setup downstairs right now; being out in the open area of the basement, but it would be nice to get back into a cozy FINISHED room :0)

Oh, but this does get me thinking already-----what do some of you use as material for your design wall? Just a package of cotton batting? I have a feeling that I will be using on of the walls just for that very thing.


Crafty Maine Mom said...

I use some white flannel at Walmart and stretched it over a piece of masonite. That way I can have a couple design walls going at once. :)

scraphappy said...

No more design floors for you? I had to give those up too when Lizzie came. I have the best design wall in the world. It is a flannel backed plastic table cloth that I got at Wal-mart on clearance for $3. I hung it up with thumbtacks and when it gets too full of stray threads I'll go and get another one. Things stick to it really well and I can take it down when we have company. If I wanted to be really fancy I could use a little wood frame to stick it up to, but it works great the way it is.

Andee said...

I also have a thumbtacked flannel backed tablecloth on my wall. I have been using it for two years and it works great!