Monday, June 21, 2010

Two suggestions?

Two Quilts 4 Kids finishes today. The doggy-themed quilt was quilted with a pantograph named "Chinese Crescents" and the peace-themed quilt was my first free-motion meander on the frame. I outlined many of the flowers/peace signs as I went along.....
All that remains is to fill out the labels and sew them on....

but...I'm stumped on names.
Doggy Days
Dog Park
Puppy Power

Funky Girl
Flower Power

Any of them fit? Do you have any other suggestions?

The Olivia themed quilt will be quilted up tomorrow. I didn't feel like getting it loaded on the frame after finishing up two of them today. Besides, I need some thread; I'll use red :0)

I finished up the night downstairs by finishing off the 240 "star arms" for my Jared Takes a Wife. I haven't trimmed the extra fabric yet; and sadly I DO NOT think I'll be double-sewing these seams. They are only 2" squares, and I DO cringe at just tossing the fabric, but I guess that's what "crumb boxes" are for.

I'm actually thinking of keeping this quilt for myself for MY bed! Have you reached the point where you start making quilts but they don't have any recipient in mind? That WAS the plan for this one, but as I was piecing the other day, I REALLLLY was enjoying the greens! My room is a rich hunter green, so it'll be a perfect match.

Happy Monday!


Marianne said...

The dog quilt I would call: Doggy Delight - it is a gorgeous quilt.
So is the other but I am no good with girly names

Jackie said...

I love Flower Power - it's suits the peace signs!

Both quilts will be treasured I'm sure!

Winona said...

The first thought that popped into my head when I saw the dog quilt was "Puppy Love". These are all cute quilts. Winona

Patchwork Penguin said...

Well I thought of "Gone with the Dogs"

Still working on the other one.

Quilting_Chris said...

I love Q4K. How about "Best Friends" for the doggy quilt and "Peaceful World" for the girly hippy one.


Andee said...

you crack me up..yes I have reached the point where I no longer know who or why I am making the quilts I make! Sometimes I just gotta anyway!

Quilter Kathy said...

How about "Poochie Patches"?!?
And "Pink and Purple Peace"