Friday, June 11, 2010

Our own lil' Friday Night Sew In...

Yeah, for those of us who don't READ the closest...we realized that the Friday Night Sew In held over at Crafty Vegas Mom isn't until NEXT FRIDAY! But, some of us still perserved :0)

After dinner, before heading downstairs, DH, myself and Cassie played a game called "Easy Money." Cassie kicked our butts; that little turkey has beginner's luck!!!

But, when I eventually made my way downstairs, I spent much of the night working on the borders of the Too Good to Cut Challenge. TRUST ME--I wanted to stop more than once and move on to something more "fun." ANYTHING beats measuring, cutting and sewing on borders (FOUR sets of them).... I said....I persevered and finished up the entire top!!!!
Too Good to Cut (54.5" x 79").

The fabric line mostly used was Robyn Pandolph's Moondance.

And I did find myself chuckling when it came to the final border. As I was hunting through my stash for the perfect outside border, I saw this pink toile and LOVED it! But, ..... LOL..... I didn't want to cut into it because it was "too good and pretty!" After another 15 minutes of looking through the stash, I finally said....."DUH! That's the name of this challenge! Cut into it already otherwise it'll just sit on the shelf for another year+!"

So....anyone have a great name other than Too Good to Cut??? I've considered Moondance because of the fabric line. What'cha think? Have a different name suggestion?

OH! And as I was taking the pics of the top, I noticed this lil' drawing on the wall under the light. Cailtyn must have hung it this afternoon when I was chain-piecing away! How funny!

With the TooGood top done, I wasn't ready to hang up the rotary cutter yet, so I dug out the fabrics I set aside for the Dizzy - QOV Mystery and started cutting all the fabric out. I wasn't going to cut everything out originally, but it's nice to have all the pieces ready to go. Two clues have come out since the cutting directions have been posted, so I think this is what I'll work on when I have some quilting time downstairs this weekend.

OH! And I can't wait until my Stash Report on Sunday! I'll be back in the black for sure! I'm sitting at 10.826 yards used this week due to all the cutting I've done over the past two days!

Happy Weekend!


scraphappy said...

I was sure you would get loads done tonight and you didn't disappoint. The too good to cut quilt is a real beauty. Not your usual style to be sure, but the colors are all so soft and feminine. Moondance sounds like a fine name to me.
I can't believe that you started two new quilts tonight!

CJ said...

At least I'm in good company. Go read...

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

WOW! You got a lot done....but then, you usually get more done in a day than I do in a week. Way to go!

Quilter Kathy said...

Congrats on hanging in there with the borders...I dislike that process also. It looks great!
And you're starting another mystery?!?! You are more addicted than I am! LOL!