Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ummm...change of plans?

Okay--had INTENTIONS of quilting when I got back home from my eye appointment, but the Doc put in some "dialating drops" and I seriously can't focus in on anything close!!!! I'm seeing doubles, and am literally typing "blind" right fact, I can't even tell you if this pic is showing 2 or 4 sets of eyes!! LOL {{I couldn't resist this Pic. Bean is HA-LAR-EEE-OUS!!!!}}

Maybe I'll go mow and then hit the sewing table once the eyes get back to normal....

Happy Thursday!

The sun is actually shining and it's GORGEOUS outside. Actually, mowing seems like a great idea!!!!!!


Amanda said...

That's a most confusing picture, it makes me feel as if I'm seeing double too. We've got great weather here too at the moment, though I twisted my ankle - again - on Tuesday, so won't get much done in the garden for a day or so. Lots of sewing time though.

Lori said...

Yeah, I got those drops, too! That's after the Dr said "Well now that your 40..."

I really wanted to kick him! But, of course I just smiled...LOL!