Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cassie loves to read & State Track

I try to remember how I spent my summers when I was little. My family was big on camping, and I DO recall spending many-a-days lounging in the hammoc with a book in hand. oldest is GUNG-HO to read everyday this summer. She already read one book last night while swinging outside on the playset, but she's not "counting it" because she said that summer reading will start on Saturday (today). The first thing out of her mouth this AM when she came bounding down the stairs was..."Today is the first day of summer reading, Mom!" NO LIE! Not even "good morning, Mom".....nope......"Today is the first day of summer reading, Mom!".....that's what was on her mind.

An hour later, she came marching down to the basement (I was sewing to come later) and asked..."MOM! When are you going to get the chart made for the summer reading so I can start keeping track?"

Followed by...."Mom, how many days before school start? I want to tell Mrs. Behling (her 4th grade teacher next year) that I read as many books as possible for each day." {{5 minutes later, after looking at a calendar}}..."Okay mom, there are 88 days until school starts!"

Then, it hit me...why not keep track of her reading on my blog? So....we've created a spot on my left sidebar to keep track of her reading...

We'll see how long she stays motivated....


And now, I find myself parked on the chair, watching Wisconsin State Track, waiting for our two remaining athletes to compete. We have a sophomore girl running in the 400M finals (5th seed), and one junior boy running in the 100M finals (8th seed), and the 400M finals (the favored 1st seed). Yesterday afternoon, our boy broke the State 400M record by .01 seconds in the preliminaries! He has won the state title in the 400M his Freshman AND Sophomore years; he's going for his 3rd State title. GOOD LUCK TOM & JEN!!!


Linda said...

Please share with Cassie.
Maybe you could keep a journal with the main idea, characters, setting and events. That would help you remember details from the books so next fall you could take AR tests on the books you read this summer! Think of all the Gold Dollars you could earn!!!!
I will watch your reading logs!
Mrs. S."

Jackie said...

Cassie, I was as excited about reading as you are when I was your age and I still enjoy it today. I read every day. I'm looking forward to seeing not only how much you read this summer but what you read this summer! Hopefully your mom will post that too! ---Jackie

Miss 376 said...

At least one day of the holidays, my mum would bring me breakfast in bed so I could stay and read all morning. I used to read the rest of the time too. Happy reading to your daughter and enjoy the holidays

Tracy said...

A girl after my own heart! My mom used to take me to the bookmobile every month and I'd come home with a paper grocery bag (or more!) full of books! Now I have a niece who's the same way!

Janet said...

I keep a book journal with the title, author, when I read it and two or three sentences (or sometimes more) on what I liked or didn't like about the book. It's neat to read through and instantly remember a book I really enjoyed.

SheilaC said...

How wonderful that Cassie is excited to read!

When my kids were young they participated in the city library's summer reading program every year. We came home with bags of books each week!

Have fun and I will follow her progress on the blog :)