Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Perfect piecing! {{and a few other things...}}

I'm tickled....
I needed to measure out some borders tonight, and I usually just "measure" by laying the strips on top of the quilt down the center. (Read about Bonnie's Border tips here...) But here, I had to verify my measurement.....LOOK AT THAT PERFECT PIECING!!!! 50.5 needed to be the measurement! Wooo-hooooo!!!

Alright...alright...I wasn't going to show this one, but I WILL!!!!! This one needed to be 76.5......just a SMIDGE OFF!

Momma made some yummies for a snack tonight, too. Smore's via microwave :0)

OH! And check out this gem. I've established a new goal; every night/day I need to press-n-fold fabric from my boxes for at least 15 minutes.
I really have no idea if this came from Grandma's collection or if it was in one of the many, many boxes my mother has donated to me from various garage sales, goodwill sprees, or from the church's old collection. I really like the "oldness" to it----vintage, would you say? I didn't actually measure out how much there was, but at least 2 yards :0) to find the perfect pattern to use it in!

Psht----this was a garage sale find from last Friday (the quilt rack, NOT the fox skin). ONLY ONE DOLLAR!!!! Great find!!!!! LOL.....I told DH the caption for this pic should be...."No, that's NOT a cat." {{since so many quilters seem to have cats....}}......anyhoo......

I'd like to show you more pictures of the quilt I was working on tonight, but it'll stay quiet for a bit longer. {{One hint: BOM.}}

Alright all; gonna go check out the evening posts and then.....ah heck....I'm not tired yet, so maybe some drafting? Magazine browsing? Oooo....OR....I could finally crack open the newest Stephanie Meyer's book: The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. Did you know you can read it here free (until July 5th)? I grabbed a copy at Target over the weekend. Gosh---for as obsessed as I was with the series, I'm surprised I haven't ignored life to get it read!!!

'night all.

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scraphappy said...

Yum, I love microwave smores. We usually have them with the leftovers after a camping trip. The blue and white fabric would be perfect for a QOV. That quilt rack is great. I could use something like that around here, though it would need to be much taller! Have fun with the new Stephanie Meyer. That should be a fun read. Way to go on the perfect piecing. We should all measure more often. They say that is the key to making everything fit.