Friday, June 25, 2010

I said I love Him, right?

Okay---"Patience is a Virtue,"


That's it?!?!?!? 5 hours of "working," and THIS IS ALL YOU HAVE TO SHOW FOR IT!?!?!?!?!?


I love you honey....I know---I need to be patient. "Rome wasn't built in a day!"

I could well imagine someone looking at this pic and saying...."That's it?!?!?!? 5 hours of "working," and THIS IS ALL YOU HAVE TO SHOW FOR IT!?!?!?!?!?. {{okay, more like 3.5 hours}}.....that's my latest log time; all 4 colorways set for me to tackle today :0) Kinda a fun lil' project so far. AND made a decent little dent in the 2.5" strip bin.

Okay, back to Paul to show he actually WAS working.....

well, he was working for MOST of the time. Boy---he's on the phone more than a teenage girl!

So, when he was talking through this conversation, I grabbed the camera and went for a little walk around the yard.

It seems every year, we have a family of Killdeer birds that nest on the side of our driveway. Three weeks ago, I needed to mow and I hadn't spotted the nest yet. I LOOKED AND LOOKED AND LOOKED for that nest, all the while Mama and Papa bird were frantically trying to lure me away. Have you ever seen what a killdeer does; they play "wounded" and make a whole ruckus!!! Anyway....I GAVE UP!!!!! I couldn't find it! So, I mowed.

And I didn't see Mama and Papa anymore. :0(

But then, just this week, they showed back up!!!! So, off I went searching again. STILL with no luck. But leave it to eagle-eye-DH! He found 'em.
And all the while I was admiring the nest to take this picture, Mama bird was going through her "lure-the-predator-away" act. (the two previous pics). "Tis okay Mama...I only wanted to look."

Oh yeah!!!! Here's another animal, FAMILY of animals that have "nested" in our yard...
Oh suuuuuuure.......he's all cute and adorable looking in the picture.....

BUT....if you have groundhogs in YOUR yard, GARDEN and STRAWBERRY PATCHES, you wouldn't think they were all that cute!

Where'd you see it honey? I'll get that wascally gwoundhog!

In the end, he ended up with two groundhogs bagged and maybe wounded another, because he couldn't find the one he was searching for in the picture above.

I stand corrected.....DH informed me...."BTW, it's a GOPHER, not a groundhog. A groundhog is like 3 times that size." {{I guess he DOES read my blog afterall}}

Yeah, yeah....PETA would love us.... You know what we have to say to that??? "Deal with it!"

I had been putting off making the label for Kool Kat, Quilt 4 Kids, but I put my nose to the grind stone for 20 minutes last night to check this task off my list.
All four quilts are now packaged up to be shipped today.

And for as BADLY as I want my walls, that project will be put on hold until DH returns from his other job. He's working on a slight remodel for his sister's Fitness Center, so he's heading out of town for the weekend. I could tag along, but I don't wanna. There's plenty here to keep me busy :0)


scraphappy said...

I see walls in the making. I followed the link the Avignon Picnic and it looks fabulous. I am sorely tempted to start something new. I'll be good though and get at least two of the quilts I'm working on to the flimsy stage -- and I still need to catch up on BOM and mysteries. Soon though, that one looks too good to pass up.

Amanda said...

Well, I can spot three animals there that I've never seen - killdeer birds, groundhogs and a man with a gun. Well, I've seen policemen with guns at the airport but that's about it. I know that farmers may well have guns and a few private individuals, but I've never known any. You won't know yourself once you have a floor and walls in your sewing room.

Winona said...

You will have a quilting studio with walls and a ceiling before you know it. Looking good so far. Winona

Patchwork Penguin said...

Ok I'll say it.... very studly... and the man isn't too hard on the eyes either :o)

Tracy said...

So I printed out the Avignon Picnic-only I printed mine out two per page, that four per page was just a little tooooo small! My eyes are getting old you see!(get the pun?!) But it looks like a nice project.
I was wondering if you could show/demonstrate how you do the bindings and labels for the Quilt 4 Kids. I know they want them machine quilted. On mine I used a blanket stitch for both. The binding I just rolled the backing forward but it just didn't suit me. I'm not good at doing machine binding with a regular binding.

Kerry said...

You'll have walls before you know it. My DH was walking past as I scrolled through your post- he's very impressed with your DH saw!

jillquilts said...

Great pictures!! Love all the little animals that you caught! And at least progress is being made on the room... lol