Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gettin' too old for this

Three years ago, Paul and I put the word out that we were retiring from our summer sand volleyball years.  

So....we have NOT touched the sand in a lonnnnnnng time.

A few weeks ago, a friend (former 'teammate' of sorts) contacted us and kept contacting us over and over to play this "King and Queen of the Beach" tournament they were hosting.  Finally, last week, we caved and said yes.

The first year this tournament was played (6 years ago!), that same friend who contacted us and his partner, along with Paul and myself....we won the whole thing and were crowned Kings and Queens.

Today----it was a little different story.  HA!
The rundown of this tournament is this:  you show up with a partner (male/female).  There were 18 "partners" at the tournament today; which meant LOTS and LOTS of playing time!

You play with every partner-set once (4-person) and will face every partner-set twice.

"Back in the day,"  Paul and I were a great combination;  5'3" setter and 6'6" outside hitter.  Great duo, right??  :)  We actually met playing volleyball;  it literally was a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-brother-of-a-friend type delio oh so long ago.  So that's a brief history on how Paul and I met. took quite a few games before Paul or myself were getting back into any kind of groove, but considering that everyone else has been playing all "sand" shape.... LOL!  Let's just say that we'll walk away with our 17th of 18 teams place and say...."we're gettin' too old for this!"

The girls were WONDERFUL all day!  12 hours of watching Mom and Dad play volleyball could have been enough for them to go a bit stir-crazy, but they were great!  Cassie was our photographer and Candace got some footage on the iPad.  

THANKFULLY the weather cooperated!  Cloudy/Overcast all day;  upper 70s.  If that sun would have been beating down-----today would have had a VERY different outcome!  (Okay, not VERY different, but I put money on it that we would have taken 18th place and would have needed to be rolled home!)  But...Paul and I survived and are very okay with our registration fee "donation" on the day.


Amanda said...

Oh my word, how energetic. I do hope you don't suffer for all that exercise in the next few days!

Andee said...

Looks like a good time and lots of calories burned! :)

scraphappy said...

So terrible to get old, but when you consider the alternative.... Are we going to get a story now about how you and Paul met?

Quilter Kathy said...

AN amazing photographer that Cassie!
Such cool action shots!
OLD?!?!? I think not!

Candace said...

Practice a little and you'll beat their butts, lol. You aren't too old, just a little rusty.

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